Choosing The Right Indoor Hydroponic Growing Lights, Tents And Nutrients In Canada

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Your indoor plants need proper nutrition to grow nutritiously. You could simply just water the plants and put it in front of a window for some light, but that simply is not enough for some plants. Plants need the right lights to make them grow, tents to help hold in the CO2 so that the plants can grow stronger and healthier, and the right plant food with extra nutrients that help the plant get the proper nutrition so that it does not only grow but so that they grow strong and have a long life with the plant giving you beautiful blooms for many years.

There are three major types of hydroponic grow lights in modern indoor gardens, and each of them comes with their own benefits.

1.) Fluorescent grow lights- these are typically used in very small gardens, and for gardeners that are just starting out with their little indoor gardens. These lights are limited in what they can do because they only make a white light which is low intensity, which means they cannot give off the broad spectrum of light that plants need to grow to their full potential. Therefore, these lights are best used with things like seeds and clones. Since it is a low-intensity white light, it does not give off much heat which means that the light can be put as close to the plant as you want without running
the risk of burning it, though most professionals recommend keeping it at a distance of 4 to 6 inches away.

2.) high-intensity discharge grow lights- these lights give off a broader spectrum of lights which means it imitates sunlight more closely. The HD lights are best used for general hydroponic growing. They do, however, give off a light of heat which means it is recommended to keep them a safe distance from the plant and the use of a cooling fan, so your plants don’t burn.

3.) LED grow lights- this type of light emits light through a current and forms a simple semiconductor. There is a number of advantages for using the LED lights: they produce very little heat, they last from 7-10 years meaning it will save you money in the long run, and they come in a variety of colors which are used for each stage of growth.

Hydroponic tents are also a necessity when it comes down to growing your indoor hydroponic garden. There are a few of the best grow tents, and you need to know how to pick the best one to suit your needs.

1.) Gorilla Grow Tent- this is the largest commercial grow tent, and it is designed for hydroponic growers that are at the beginning and intermediate stages. This tent has a solid metal structure which ensures sturdiness, and ease of assembly. The connectors are easily identifiable so that set up takes no time at all. It can be extended to ten feet if it needs to be and the roof blocks out unhealthy radiation from the plants.

2.) Apollo Horticulture Mylar- is highly reflective so light is focused directly on the plant. It is a light, but a sturdy tent and is manufactured to preserve light and maintain a constant inner temperature.

Knowing which nutrients are the right ones to use when you are growing plans with the hydroponics method is essential if you want your garden to flourish. You have to know how to pick the right medium, bloom booster, and get the vital nutrients that the garden needs.

One essential nutrient you need is a good flushing agent. Flushing agents remove salt and get rid of heavy metal buildup on the plants so that they are left with their own natural essence. Another important nutrient would be a bloom booster which will help increase the size and density of the bust you are growing and therefore give you a bigger yield.

You may also want to look into a nutrient called Mycorrhizae which is a tiny fungal bacteria that attaches to the root of a plant and gathers nutrients and moisture to deliver to it. This is a natural relationship between bacteria and plant that is found in nature so using it in your indoor garden is not only natural but beneficial.

Another thing to consider is finding a great source for your lights, nutrients, grow tents and other indoor growing equipment. We have used Canada Grows Indoors LLC in the past and found there service is excellent.

All of these are essential factors to think about before starting your hydroponic garden. You have to have the right type of light, tent covering, and nutrients to get your garden to grow to the best it can be.

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