About Us

Weed News is the best place to get daily marijuana updates. We are dedicated to bringing our readers all of the latest cannabis news, trends, and changes happening all across the globe.

About the Weed News Team

Weed News started out as a passion project for two weed lovers a few years ago. The two stoners – ahem, co-founders – had a mission: to help users navigate the confusing laws and legislation surrounding the use and distribution of the cannabis plant.
Now, in 2020, the Weed News team consists of experienced writers, editors, and huge cannabis lovers. The entire team works tirelessly to keep up with trending topics our readers like.
At Weed News, we believe in staying consistent and authentic, so that our readers always know what to expect from us. What’s more, we’re always completely transparent and honest — we would never write a review we don’t believe in.

Our Vision

From the moment we started Weed News, our number one goal has been to create a community. We want to connect marijuana-lovers around the world and hope that people share their advice and thoughts on all cannabis-related things.
We’ve divided our website into a couple of categories so that our readers could easily navigate it. The Weed News team works hard every day to ensure the website is always up to date and the information is current.
However, mistakes do happen and we might not catch every single one. So, we hope that our readers will let us know if we’ve missed something in the comments down below. If we all work together, we can create an amazing community of cannabis enthusiasts that always have each other’s backs.

Our News

We keep our readers updated on all the latest legislation changes across the globe. In fact, our team has in-depth explanations for everyone’s cannabis-related questions.
For example, on the Weed News website, our readers can learn how much cannabis they can carry in their country.
We’ll also talk about the potential fines people could receive if they broke the law so that they can always stay safe and avoid them. What’s more, we also have advice for those who want to cultivate their own hemp crops and make CBD products.

Our Reviews

We go to work everyday with one mission: to bring you honest, unbiased reviews to help you buy cannabis products with confidence. We’re here to help you navigate the confusing world of CBD products, vaporizers, cannabis dispensaries, and more with our objective, independent, and easy to understand reviews.

Our partners compensate us for some of the reviews posted on our website. While this may influence the products we review – in no way does it affect the recommendations and our advice to readers.

Every product we review is battle tested by three or more members on the Weed News staff. Companies can’t pay us to garner favorable reviews – and we’re glad to be one of the few reviewers who can say that.

Every single review written by the Weed News team is honest, unbiased, and reflects the opinions of more than just one individual. When we say something about a product or brand, we mean it. 

Our Recipes

We think our cannabis recipes are a real hit with all our avid cooks. We scour the web each week to find the most creative and delicious recipes that we know our readers will enjoy. What’s more, we take into consideration different dietary restrictions, so that everyone can find something they love.