Best Grow Tent Kits: Top 8 for Growing Marijuana Indoors


Growing weed is not a simple undertaking. It’s a temperamental task. With hours of care and the perfect environment needed, there are many things to consider when purchasing the next grow tent you will be using along the way.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in growing pot, it can be hard to navigate what system and tent will be best for you or your plants.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We’ve compiled a list of the top grow tents available on the market today. Our reviews carefully scrutinized the different lights, sizes of tents, materials, and filtration systems. We found products that will not only elevate your indoor growing setup but support your plants in all stages of growth.

1. TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

There are a couple of different characteristics that set the TopoGrow tent apart. Its most notable feature is the fan and filter combination that comes in the kit. With a mixture of a thick carbon layer and a zinc-anodized steel mesh, you will achieve maximum filtration in the ventilation system. This smart system traps any unwanted odor inside the tent and keeps itself discreet for the average grower.

This tent offers an ultra-sturdy construction setup. The metal rods are 16mm in diameter and coated in white reflective paint. Also, the plastic corners are 16mm thick as well, meaning it has reinforcement to withstand the test of time. Further, it’s ‘full spectrum’ design allows growers to grow plants at any point from germination to flower. Paired with a super resilient grow tent and exterior shell, the TopoGrow LED Grow Tent is magnificent.


  • 300W LED grow light + 2 cooling fans
  • 96% reflective, waterproof diamond Mylar grow tent
  • 600D lightproof Oxford cloth exterior
  • Smart fan and filter combo


  • Adjustable light height
  • Great tent ventilation
  • Protection against light leaks
  • Grows in any stage
  • Long-lasting product


  • Small kit size


Our major problem with this kit is that it is small and can only hold a handful of small or medium-sized plants. However, that may be the reason this kit is a perfect buy for you.

As a small kit in general (when compared to its competitors), this kit is a great way to save space and keep discretion around your growing. It’s shipped in discreet packaging too.

By being wholly enclosed and attaching the carbon filtration system, this grow tent will be an excellent fit for growers attempting to save space and not draw a lot of attention to their plants.

Additionally, the full spectrum design means this tent will be the only one you need to grow plants through every stage of the cycle.

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2. HTGSupply Grow Tent 3 x 3 Kit (39″x39″x79″)

The HTGSupply grow tent is perfect for growers who are looking for one of the easiest setups on the market. Designed with the intention of “plug-and-play,” this hydroponic growing tent comes with all the essential equipment to start the growing process without demanding the same amount of work. The 474 watts, 3.95 amp, 120-volt setup will let you use any standard household plug for this tent, giving you the power to place this system in any room or available space.


  • Clip-on circulation fan
  • GrowBright thermometer/hygrometer
  • 400W grow light
  • 4 3.5-gallon DWC hydroponic systems


  • Easy setup
  • Holds 4 plants
  • Hydroponic design
  • Easy to track conditions


  • Low ventilation
  • No carbon filter


If you’re new to growing and are not familiar with all the nuances of growing and how to use tents, then this is the buy for you. With a provided thermometer and hygrometer, you can quickly track the health of the environment and plants without needing additional expensive equipment. When you combine that with its incredibly easy setup, you will find that this tent will not only allow you to get growing as quickly as you want but also that it will provide you with all the resources you need to track and care for your plants with ease.

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3. TopoLite Hydroponic Growing Tent Room – Complete System

This growing tent may not seem like much at first glance, but the TopoLite complete kit has a handful of features that make it a powerful tool for smaller growing projects. The darkroom tent dimensions are 24″x24″x48″, which commits to a smaller design. The compact sizes give the grower more options on how and where to grow.

With its 16MM sturdy metal rods, the kit builds into three types of setup:

  1. You can grow discretely by filtering air out and eliminating odors.
  2. You could grow with the plant’s health as a priority, giving them the highest quality of purified air.
  3. As a final option, you could grow in a more extensive setup and link the filtration system to an exhaust filter. This way, you would not have to hang or suspend any parts of the filters or fans.


  • 300W/600W/800W/1200W grow light option
  • 600D lightproof Oxford cloth
  • 96% reflective diamond Mylar
  • Fan and filter combo


  • Grows in any stage
  • Hydroponic design
  • Very durable
  • Customization in setup


  • Small kit
  • No speed control on fan


With a sturdy structure and many setup options, this grow tent fits perfectly in any number of areas. Have no fear about you place this tent. Its galvanized steel structure will keep it upright and standing even in complicated situations. The carbon filter gives you the option of growing inside without the odor filling your home or greenhouse.

This product is an excellent option for anyone growing a small number of plants and wants complete control over the tent configuration.

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4. Hongrui Lite Grow Kit – 300w/600w LED Grow Light+600D Mylar Tent

The Hongrui Lite growing tent is the one-stop-shop for all the basic growing needs. This kit could easily be the standard for an indoor growing system as it covers all the bases. The most notable feature of this set is the 4” in-line fan with carbon air filter ducting, which provides optimal ventilation for the plants. This kit comes with much more, though. Having multiple light options, a robust structure, excellent heat distribution, and a carbon fan with 1.5” of thick carbon layering make this product the baseline for growing tents.


  • 96% reflective diamond Mylar
  • 600D lightproof Oxford cloth
  • Fan and filter combo
  • 300W/600W grow light option


  • “Full-spectrum” design
  • Heavy duty
  • Coal-based filter
  • Hydroponic system


  • Small size


If you’re only looking to grow two plants at a time, then this product is the safest choice. With over a year of life expectancy and quality materials in every aspect, rest assured that your plants will grow large and healthy without any complications. Another fantastic feature is that the system allows you to choose between a hydroponic and a traditional growing system within the tent as well. Your plants will have premium ventilation with one of the highest-rated activated carbon filter connections.

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5. Gorilla Grow Tent Package #1 (2’x4′) Led Combo

The Gorilla Grow tent does not attempt to do more than it can. With a clear understanding of what is essential, this whole tent centers on clean air and a superior filtration system. With 6”x25” premium ducting and an in-line clip-on duct fan, you have the opportunity to set up an air system that will leave your plants thriving. Add the fan speed adjuster with the hygrometer and thermometer, and you will find that you have complete control over the environment inside the tent. The fan system is not the only reason this is a standout product. The light-emitting diode technology saves energy during every stage of growth.


  • Light-emitting diode technology
  • Active air controllers
  • Kind LED L459
  • Active air hygro-thermometer
  • Fan and filter combo


  • Great filtration
  • Extra ducting system
  • Adjustable fan speed


  • Light-weight structure
  • Low wattage LED light


The Gorilla grow tent puts all its focus on air filtration and air quality. If you’re in an area where you will need a premium filtration system to give your plants clean air, then this product will provide. Every aspect of filtration within this kit is the result of high-quality materials. It is worth noting that the dual-outlet plug will be needed to power this growing tent, but that is hardly a problem when considering the caliber of this product.

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6. Complete Indoor Grow Kit with Fan, Soil, 48″x48″x80″ Hut

This kit is the complete set. Without missing a single aspect of the growing process, the BudGrower complete kit helps you with every step of the growth process, from germination to the drying phase of the process. With powerful 1200W lights, a strong structure, and healthy soil included, you will find that this product will not leave you needing any extra pieces or add-ons to give your plants the highest quality of life. The structure, built with an Italian Mars-hydro aluminum hood, gives great light reflectability as well as the secure attachment of the 120V ballast cooling system.


  • 1200W LED light
  • 120V Ballast
  • 2 bags of kind soil
  • Fan and filter combo
  • Heat and humidity monitor
  • Electronic timer
  • Drying rack


  • Complete kit with everything you need
  • Ability to adjust fan and filter
  • Even heat distribution
  • Comes with a detailed instructional video
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Large space required


For beginners and experts alike, there are few situations where this kit would not be the ideal purchase. Considering it takes up a significant amount of space, it also provides the grower with every inch of material or items needed.

If the amount of product and overall size of the kit are overwhelming, do not worry. The sale comes with visual step-by-step instructions, as well as a video that will help you assemble every part of it. The BudGrower set-up is the ultimate indoor growing tent kit for any person interested in growing to their full potential.

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7. Oppolite Indoor Grow Tent and Light Kit – Full Package with 2XLED 1200W COB Light

The Oppolite indoor grow kit is a comprehensive system that will grow plants through any stage of the process. With a robust set of 1200W COB LED grow lights and high-quality lightproof Oxford cloth material, your plants will thrive inside this system. Working temperatures can range from -20 to 50 Celsius, while the heavy-duty coated metal structure keeps the plants secure and safe. The conditions are not the only notable thing to mention about the tent, however. Its ability to hold over twelve plants in a 900-1000 square meter per gram surface area is a distinct feature.


  • 1200W grow light
  • 96% reflective diamond Mylar
  • 600D lightproof Oxford cloth
  • Fan and filter combo


  • “Full-spectrum” design
  • Low power consumption
  • Discreet packaging
  • Can hold 12+ plants


  • No sensors for environment control


One of the unique features of the Oppolite tent kit is that its power consumption is more efficient than many of the other products on this list. Due to its high level of control inside the tent, the fans and lights use less electricity to shape the controlled environment into the perfect growing area. The low cost of running mixed with a lifetime of 50,000 hours makes this a good fit for growers who want to limit their expenses and continue using one tent for a long time.

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8. BloomGrow Full Kit (24″x24″x48″) and Indoor Grow Tent

The BloomGrow indoor tent kit ranks as one of our more affordable options for the best-growing kits available. However, in this case, affordable does not mean any less quality. The carbon filter and 4” in-line fan system will promote clean airflow while the full spectrum 300W LED lighting will allow you to maintain good plant health through the entire growing process. Additionally, this kit is available in three sizes, 24”x24”x48”, 32”x32”x63”, or 36”x20”x63”.


  • Digital hygrometer
  • 600D waterproof floor tray
  • 300W grow light
  • Bonsai shears
  • 24-hour timer
  • Fan and filter combo


  • “Full-spectrum” design
  • High stability and accuracy of hygrometer
  • High-efficiency filtration system
  • Affordable


  • Small lights
  • Only suitable for a few plants at a time


This indoor tent kit provides maximum control over your plants will minimize costs. The digital hygrometer alone is enough to make this kit stand out. With control of temperature, humidity, and time, all simultaneously, you will find yourself tweaking and adjusting this tent until you achieve the absolute perfect area for whatever plant you’re growing. Additionally, with the full spectrum lighting design, this kit will house your plants from start to finish. This product may be one of the most versatile and complete packages on the market.

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What to Look for When Buying a Grow Tent Kit – Buyer’s Guide

Cannabis plant under purple lights inside a grow tent

Although every plant is different and the conditions needed to cultivate each strain of marijuana vary, there are a few staples when it comes to indoor grow tents. If you’re considering which kit to buy and what might be best for you, there are four major factors to keep in mind.

The most significant factors that range from kit to kit are:

  • Complete kit or combined setup
  • Sensors and monitoring technology
  • Fans and filters
  • The overall size of the tent

Complete Kit or Combined Setup

When looking at most of the kits on the market today, this major factor sets each one apart. The two options are:

  • Complete packages that offer everything you need to grow a plant through its entire life
  • A starting tent with the ability to add other components to finish the build

Complete kits are a fantastic way for beginners to get into indoor growing, as there is no chance you will forget to order a part or neglect one aspect of growing. With everything included for one flat rate, once you have the kit, you’re ready to go.

Alternatively, some grow tent kits only provide lights and space to house the plants. Such situations are when buying additional air filters, sensors, or potting soil can come in handy. With this option, you can have greater control over how your plants grow and the kind of area you will create in the tent. You should use this option only if you understand what factors are essential for your plants. If you’re a beginner, the simpler, the better. It’s going to take you time to practice your grow game and get used to the process.

Sensors and Monitoring Technology

Cannabis leaf under a grow tent's light

The second factor that separates a lot of these kits is the type of monitoring technology and controls that come with each model. You should look for:

  • Thermometers
  • Hygrometers
  • Humidity control

Depending on the strain of the plant, certain aspects are more or less critical. Although all of these sensors and meters will give you more control and understanding of what is happening, not all are necessary for every situation.

Additionally, if a kit does not come with one of the mentioned controls, there are other options for buying them separately and attaching them to grow tents you already have set up.

Fans and Filters

Another vital aspect to consider when looking to purchase a grow tent is the air fans and filters. There are two reasons this matters:

  • Quality of air for your plants
  • The odor that each plant will exude

Within this category, you should also consider any control over the fans. Some come with controllers for different speeds, which can be helpful but are not necessary.

Discretion is not the most critical characteristic on everyone’s list. However, some growers will require a concealed grow operation. For these people, you can look for a grow tent that comes with a strong carbon filter.

The standard for these is coal-based activation, which enables machine packed carbon filters to be highly absorbent in any system. Carbon filtration will help reduce any marijuana smell coming from the tent as well as give a natural airflow through the plants. The smell reduction makes for great in-home growing as you won’t have to have any reservations about curious people finding your plants.

The other consideration is the quality of air. If you’re in a location where the natural air is not the highest quality, or maybe there is just no natural airflow through the area you’re growing in, then a good fan and ventilation system will make a world of difference. Look for kits that provide customization for ventilation.

Overall Size of the Tent

The final detail you should consider when purchasing one of these products is the size of the tent. Although this may seem like a more fundamental characteristic of grow tents, it may be one of the most important.

Although many tents have ratings for an exact number of plants, each plant grows in its own time. Carefully look into how many plants you want to grow, and how they will grow over their lifetime. When in doubt, more space is always better. Finding out that you need to purchase a new, larger tent is an unfortunate realization and a rookie mistake.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when purchasing your very own grow kit. The most critical elements to remember are the type of plants you have and what that plant will need to grow to its full potential.

The advice goes for both brand new or very experienced growers. If you do not have a clear understanding of what type of environment your plant will thrive in, then it is much harder to conclude which grow tent will be best for you.

When considering all the options, this comprehensive list provides something for everyone. Some options offer maximum discretion with a small packaging and filtration systems to eliminate odors. Other products provide more space than competitors, allowing you to farm and grow a significant number of plants. Some give you the power to control the entire tent’s humidity, temperature, and airflow to the degree.

So, which of these is the best grow tent kit?

To be honest, don’t make your decision based on this question.

Instead, ask yourself: Which of these products will give me what I need for my indoor growing situation?

This way, you’re setting yourself up to purchase a product designed for your growing lifestyle. With a little research and the right mindset, you will find the best possible fit for your plants.

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