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Marijuana Legalization

Governor Cuomo Releases Report Recommending New York State Legalize Marijuana

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Department of Health released an impact assessment of marijuana legalization. The report concludes that the benefits of taxing and regulating marijuana far outweighs any potential negative consequences. The study was commissioned by Governor Cuomo and announced in his address on the executive budget proposal. Below is […]

Oregon Welcomes You
Medical Marijuana

Oregon Report: OMMP Needs Fixes In Reporting, Tracking, Inspections

An internal review of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) has identified administrative shortcomings that enabled growers, dispensaries and laboratories to operate without effective oversight. It also found that statutory restrictions have limited OMMP’s ability to answer information requests from local law enforcement officials, even as the program protects patient […]

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Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania: Governor Signs Legislation Facilitating Medical Cannabis Research

Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf has signed legislation into law to facilitate state-sponsored medical cannabis research. The amended law, House Bill 2477, states: “It is the intention of the General Assembly to create a mechanism whereby this Commonwealth’s medical schools and hospitals may provide advice to grower/processors and dispensaries in the areas of patient […]

Seattle Hempfest
Cannabis Culture

Seattle Hempfest Needs You

Not just want, but Seattle Hempfest needs you. You would think being one of the longest-running protestivals in the nation would be an advantage in a “legal” state, but it’s not when you’re an all-volunteer free event open to the public. I recently ran into the founder of Hempfest Vivian […]