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Medical Marijuana

Why Medical Marijuana Reform Is Not Enough For Pro Sports Leagues

A big push has been underway to try to reform cannabis policies in professional sports leagues. Current and retired NFL players have been lobbying hard to try to convince the league to allow players to use medical cannabis under certain conditions. The same can be said about current and retired NBA […]

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Medical Marijuana

Michigan’s Marijuana/Opioid Connection Becomes National Case Study

Americans for Safe Access, a national medical marijuana patient advocacy group, on Thursday released a paper on the opioid crisis and how cannabis medicines can help break the addiction cycle in prescription pain medication abuse. The paper uses Michigan as a case study of the effectiveness of the state’s medical marijuana program […]

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Global Drug War

Today Is Human Rights Day

By David Borden This Sunday, December 10, is the UN Human Rights Day, with the week being marked by observances and events around the world. UN agencies have made significant progress in recognizing the impact of drug policies and human rights, and our own efforts for the 2016 “UN General Assembly Special Session […]

michigan marijuana cannabis
Medical Marijuana

Michigan: MMFLA Licensing Board Schedule 2018

The Licensing Board for Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) has announced their 2018 meeting schedule. The Licensing Board last met on November 28. There were no Emergency Rules to discuss, no old business and no applications to review. It was a brief affair. There will be no Board […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Will Ohio Legalize Marijuana In 2018?

Ohio voted on marijuana legalization in 2015. The initiative, backed by an organization called ResponsibleOhio, failed by a vote of 64% to 36%. ResponsibleOhio poured over $20 million dollars into the campaign effort, which was the most profit-motivated legalization initiative to ever make a state ballot. After the initiative’s defeat […]

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Marijuana Business

LARA Publishes Medical Cannabis Business Applications In Michigan

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) today issued the long-awaited applications for businesses wishing to apply to grow, handle, test and distribute medical marijuana in Michigan. In a press release LARA affirmed the two-step process for applying to become a business under the regulation of the Medical Marihuana Facilities […]

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Cannabis Activism

Danny Danko To Run The NYC Half-Marathon For NORML Foundation

I absolutely hate running. I played a lot of basketball growing up, and I didn’t mind the short sprints that came with playing hoops, but just straight running is one thing that I never enjoyed. I wish I did, considering all of the health benefits of running. But a combination […]

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Global Drug War

Nova Scotia Announces First Decisions On Cannabis Legalization

Following consultation with Nova Scotians, health experts, law enforcement officials, municipalities, and other stakeholder groups, the province announced key decisions about the legalization of cannabis today, Dec. 7. These decisions follow the federal government’s decision to legalize recreational cannabis by July 2018. The key policy decisions on cannabis are: — […]