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Medical Marijuana

Indiana: American Legion Calls For Medical Marijuana Legalization

The American Legion is the largest military veterans organization in the country. The national organization has made headlines recently, with a call for rescheduling marijuana. In a meeting with incoming President Donald Trump’s transition team, the America Legion doubled down, calling specifically for marijuana to be rescheduled from Schedule I to […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Obama Grants Clemency To 273 More Individuals

Today, President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 209 people incarcerated in federal prison, and handed out 64 pardons. This brings the number of prisoners who have been granted clemency under President Obama to 1,597. The commutations and pardons represent the Obama Administration’s push to overhaul the criminal justice system, […]

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Global Drug War

How Much Marijuana Can (Some Of You) Hold In Your Vagina?

This may not be the most tasteful subject, but here goes: Ladies, how much marijuana can you store in your vagina? I ask out of genuine curiosity. As a middle-aged heterosexual man, I have had the pleasure of exploring a few cis-female bodies in my time. I’ve known women who […]

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Marijuana Business

Today: Quarterly Cannabis Caucus Comes To NYC And Portland

The Quarterly Cannabis Caucus event series put on by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is rolling into Portland, Oregon and New York City tonight. The events are free to NCIA members, and have a low entry fee for non-members. There’s literally no hotter ticket in the marijuana industry than tickets to […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Virginia: Juvenile Marijuana Expungement Bill Moves Forward

Getting caught with marijuana can have a lasting negative impact on a person’s life. Initially the person, depending on which state they live in, could get arrested, jailed, and/or have to pay a hefty fine.The ‘marijuana scarlet letter’ will follow them wherever they go as long as the offense is […]

Michelle Alexander - The New Jim Crow
Cannabis Activism

Michelle Alexander, Author of “The New Jim Crow”, in Portland

I am excited to announce that one of the most influential authors in the drug law reform movement, Professor Michelle Alexander, is coming to Portland, Oregon, to read from her groundbreaking book, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”. The event will be held at Reed […]

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Sports And Cannabis

The Cannabis Health Challenge

The Cannabis Health Challenge is a 10 day event created by Green Flower Media focused on helping you use cannabis to improve your health, happiness and well-being. Each day for 10 days during the Cannabis Health Challenge (started Saturday, January 14th), Green Flower Media provides a short video as a […]

Cannabis Activism

Make America Great Again, End The Drug War

A marijuana activist is someone who only wants to bring common decency and justice to their country, their community, our world. We’re just trying to bring sanity and faith to America, the ability to believe in the American dream, in America. The slogan that won the Presidency of the United […]