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Blue Ribbon Cannabis Displayed At Oregon State Fair

Today on The Russ Belville Show on, we spoke with Don Morse live at the Oregon State Fair which is displaying the nation’s first ever state-fair ribbon-winning cannabis plants. We also speak with Danny Grimm, winner of two blue ribbons for Grandaddy Purp and Super Sour Diesel plants.

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Marijuana Legalization

Nevada Attorney General Thinks Marijuana Can Kill

Speaking to KOLO-TV in opposition to the ballot question to legalize marijuana, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt warned that legalization would lead to the death of children. “There’s no provisions in this ballot initiative to keep edibles out of the hands of children. For those who are not familiar with […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Debunking The Nightmare of Corporate Marijuana

No sooner had I posted my Part I of a three-part series on Stoners Against Legalization than did I receive on Facebook a perfect example of the anti-Prop 64 hysteria in California. I’ll tell you what bro if you want to give up your break go ahead prop 64 passes […]

Marijuana Business

Hello, My Name Is

It is my honor and pleasure to once again join forces with my friends and so many wonderful long time marijuana activist/ advocates. What was started as a small blog with 2 passionate advocates has turned into a well tuned machine that makes a difference like when they fight against reefer […]

Marijuana Legalization

Stoners Against Legalization 2016, Part I – California Schemin’

This 2016 election is the most pivotal election in marijuana reform history. A record ten states will be voting on reform measures. Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Montana[i] will be voting for medical marijuana measures. Most significantly, California, Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine will be voting for adult marijuana […]