Cannabis Activism

MassRoots Hires Marijuana Majority Chair Tom Angell

Anyone remotely paying attention to marijuana news has read a news story broken by Tom Angell. We certainly respect his work here at Weed News. While some websites may consider such a prolific blogger competition, we love the work that Tom does and will always promote those that are doing great […]

Cannabis Activism

Could Maryland Be the Next State to Legalize Marijuana?

Now that Maine has officially legalized marijuana possession and cultivation, joining Washington State, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Washington, D.C., which state will be the next to end cannabis prohibition? There are several states to watch and the great state of Maryland just put itself in the conversation […]

Cannabis Activism

Marijuana Legalization May Help Maine’s Heroin Epidemic

Monday’s big marijuana law reform news, that Maine officially ended cannabis prohibition, was countered by the announcement that law enforcement officers made the largest heroin bust in state history. Today’s events demonstrate the ebb and flow of drug policy work, as we fight to end the War on Drugs. Thankfully, we […]

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Marijuana Business

Get Your Seed-To-Sale Show Tickets Before The Price Goes Up

The Seed-To-Sale hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association show begins tomorrow in Denver (January 31-February 1), and as I have stated several times in the last few months, this is going to be an epic event. No other event in the cannabis world will be quite like it. There […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Maryland Legislature To Consider Legalizing Marijuana

State lawmakers rolled out legislation Monday that would regulate and tax cannabis similarly to alcohol in Maryland. Senate and House bill sponsors discussed the details of the proposal at a news conference in the Lowe House of Delegates Office Building. The proposal consists of two bills — a regulation bill and […]

Cannabis Activism

Marijuana is Officially Legal in Maine

It has been a long, strange trip for Question 1, the Maine marijuana legalization measure passed  by a majority of voters last November. The Pine Tree State passed cannabis legalization along with Massachusetts, California and Nevada in 2016 and the state’s residents have had to wait the longest of all […]