Congressional Cannabis Caucus
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Congressional Cannabis Caucus to Tackle Federal Marijuana Policy

As Johnny Green previously posted, Weed News received a press media advisory from Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s office announcing a press conference kicking off the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus. This historic event, demonstrating the political power of the cannabis community, was livestreamed online and I was so pleased to be able […]

Amy Margolis
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Oregon Attorney on Merging Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Amy Margolis is an Oregon attorney with extensive experience in cannabis business affairs. She was a featured speaker at the 3rd Annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland and spoke at length about the beginning of the state’s efforts to merge the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana programs. The Cannabis Collaborative […]

Steph Sherer
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Medical Marijuana Leader Reveals DEA Reversals on Cannabis Data

Steph Sherer, the executive director and founder of Americans for Safe Access, the nation’s leading medical marijuana advocacy group, spoke at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference on Wednesday. After opening with a sarcastic remark about buying her medical marijuana in a bar, Ms. Sherer urged the attendees present from Oregon’s Liquor […]

congress marijuana cannabis
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Tomorrow: Press Conference To Launch New Congressional Cannabis Caucus

Representatives Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48), Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), Don Young (AK-At Large), and Jared Polis (CO-02) on Thursday, February 16, will hold a press conference to discuss the role of the newly formed Cannabis Caucus and the future of cannabis policy. Increasingly, federal cannabis laws are out of touch with American […]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
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Will Chris Christie Become Trump’s Drug Czar?

If there is one thing that scares me to my core, it’s the thought of Chris Christie being in charge of drug policy decisions at the federal level. Chris Christie being in charge of anything frightens me, but when his name was being floated around as Attorney General, I was […]

Jeff Sessions Caricature
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Sheriff Says Jeff Sessions Won’t Crack Down on State Marijuana Laws

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, in Washington, D.C., for a sheriff’s convention, told Capital Public Radio that he discussed marijuana policy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump’s AG’s remarks are relatively positive for the cannabis community. Sheriff Jones states that Sessions, while not ruling out the possibility of […]