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Marijuana Legalization

Justin Bieber Needs To Tweet About Marijuana Reform More Often

I have long been vocal about the need for celebrities that consume marijuana to step up and use their massive voices to support marijuana reform. Celebrities are often caught on camera smoking a blunt or leaving a dispensary, and mainstream media and marijuana media alike swoon. It is one of […]

Medical Marijuana

Montana Community Leaders Endorse Medical Marijuana Initiative

Leaders from communities across Montana are coming together in support of Montana’s new medical marijuana initiative, I-182. Montana Citizens for I-182 announced that 116 “Champions for I-182” have endorsed the measure that will appear on the November ballot. “Republicans and Democrats, doctors and patients, veterans, community leaders from across Montana […]

Marijuana Studies

Doctors Are More Concerned About Obesity Than Marijuana

More than one third of Americans are considered to be obese. You see it referenced on the news all the time. Even more Americans are overweight. It’s a problem that grows with every passing year. Obesity leads to all kinds of health problems, including premature death. Tobacco and alcohol also […]

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Marijuana Science

Can You Flush Marijuana THC Out Of Your System?

If you are a long time marijuana consumer, chances are you have been there – facing the dreaded drug test. It could be for employment purposes, or for other reasons. Current NFL player Le’Veon Bell had to take a drug test prior to the season starting because of a prior […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Nevada Marijuana Legalization Campaign Releases First Television Ad

Today, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol launched its television ad campaign, with an ad featuring a Marine Corps veteran who used marijuana in place of pharmaceutical painkillers to alleviate pain associated with fractures in his leg. The theme of the ad will also be incorporated into billboards appearing […]