Kevin Sabet's Gummy Liar
Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Foe Kevin Sabet Admits Lying to Massachusetts Voters

Boston’s FOX affiliate has posted video of the theft of a bag of allegedly marijuana-infused gummy bears from an anti-legalization leader who now admits lying twice to Massachusetts voters in a televised forum on the Commonwealth’s legalization initiative. Kevin Sabet is the co-founder and leader of the organization Project SAM, which is devoted […]

st louis missouri cannabis
Medical Marijuana

Green Gone Greedy: Why Missouri’s Cannabis Movement Failed

For veterans of the Show-Me State’s cannabis legalization movement, this week’s court decision was just another disappointment in a two-year string of letdowns—the final nail in the coffin for November hopes of legalization.   There’s no doubt emphasis will be placed on the 23 signatures the Secretary of State’s office […]

AR Issue 7 Banner
Cannabis Activism

Medical Marijuana Leader Spent $30K To Sabotage Competing Campaign

The hearings began Monday for a lawsuit filed against one Arkansas medical marijuana initiative, Issue 7, revealing that the sponsor of the other medical marijuana initiative, Issue 6, paid $30,000 to undermine his competitor. The lawsuit drew scorn from the marijuana reform community because it was filed by a lifetime member of […]

milegalize michigan marijuana
Marijuana Legalization

MILegalize Announces 2018 Marijuana Legalization Petition

Michigan’s leading marijuana legalization campaign to reorganize, seeks new partners and public input around state as part of relaunch of petition drive for ballot access September 22, 2016 LANSING, MICHIGAN- The campaign for sensible cannabis law reform continues! MILegalize expects justice from the federal courts whether by a separate suit […]

Cops Say Legalize Drugs
Marijuana Legalization

Ret. Dep. Sheriff Paul Steigleder on D.A.R.E., ending Drug War

Retired Clackamas County, Oregon, sheriff’s deputy Paul Steigleder explains how he felt his work in the controversial D.A.R.E. program in the mid-1980s had positive results, but over thirty years came to realize the Drug War was a failure and legalization is the only reasonable option. Visit to book Paul […]

arizona marijuana legalization proposition 205
Marijuana Legalization

Arizona School Officials Endorse Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Statements below from leaders of local school district governing boards; officials are pointing to the success of a similar voter-approved law in Colorado, where marijuana tax revenues have exceeded predictions, schools are receiving the marijuana tax revenue that was promised, and the rate of teen marijuana use has remained unchanged […]

Kevin Sabet vs. Keith Saunders
Cannabis Activism

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Sabet’s Gummy Grabber Revealed, Testing Imminent

MassCann NORML and National NORML board member Dr. Keith Saunders joins us for an exclusive interview regarding Project SAM’s Kevin Sabet and his propaganda stunt with an alleged bag of marijuana-infused gummy bears that may mean he committed several state and federal drug crimes. Saunders managed to get that bag […]