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Marijuana Legalization

Federal Judge Hears Arguments In Lawsuit Challenging Marijuana’s Schedule I Status

A judge for the Federal District Court in Manhattan heard arguments Wednesday in a lawsuit filed by a legal team including New York attorney Michael Hiller, NORML Legal Committee member Joseph Bondy and Empire State NORML Director David Holland, challenging the constitutionality of federal cannabis prohibition. The 98-page complaint contends that the federal government “does not believe, and [read more]

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Marijuana Business

Tilray Signs Letter Of Intent With National Access Cannabis To Supply Province Of Manitoba

Tilray, a global pioneer in cannabis cultivation, processing and distribution, announced today that it has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with National Access Cannabis Corp. (NAC) to supply the province of Manitoba with high-quality cannabis products in anticipation of adult-use legalization later this year. The province of Manitoba announced [read more]