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Trump’s Lies About Drugs And Immigrants Crossing Our Borders

“We’ve defended the borders of other nations, while leaving our own borders wide open, for anyone to cross — and for drugs to pour in at a now unprecedented rate. We will stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth.” –President Donald J. Trump, Address to Congress, […]

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Global Drug War

ACLU: Over 70% of Oregonians Want to Reduce Drug Felonies

While Oregon has helped lead the way in the fight to end cannabis prohibition, demonstrating that you can legalize more freedom, create new jobs and generate revenue for your state by legalizing marijuana, there is still more work to be done to end the failed and harmful Drug War. The […]

Jeff Sessions, This Trend Will End
Marijuana Legalization

More Anti-Drug Remarks from Attorney General Sessions

The transcript of remarks by Attorney General Sessions to the state Attorneys General has been posted. It contains a few more quotes I missed in the first reporting of the speech. Mr. Sessions acknowledges that crime rates are near historic lows: Overall, crime rates in the United States remain near […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Trump Vows To Win War On Drugs, But Doesn’t Mention Marijuana

By Phillip Smith In his inaugural address to Congress Tuesday night, President Trump echoed the ghosts of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan—not to mention Miguel Cervantes—as he vowed to defeat drugs. If there is a silver lining, his ire appears directed at heroin and other hard drugs. The word “marijuana” […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Virginia Congressman Introduces ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act Of 2017’

5th District Congressman Tom Garrett has introduced legislation aimed at federally decriminalizing marijuana. The short title for this legislation is cited as the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017.” If passed, this bill would take marijuana off the federal controlled substances list – joining other industries such as alcohol […]

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Marijuana Reduces Opioid Deaths? “I Doubt That’s True” Says Sessions

Speaking to the National Association of Attorneys General Winter Meeting, Attorney General Jeff Sessions once again indicated his opposition to the legalization of marijuana, expressing his doubts that cannabis can help to reduce the problem of opioid overdoses plaguing the nation. Mr. Sessions began his remarks by reiterating his belief […]