mama clinic mothers against misuse and abuse
Medical Marijuana

After 12 Years M.A.M.A. Clinic Closing Portland Location

After a dozen years of serving patients in Portland, the original Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse clinic, better known as MAMA, is closing its doors. The clinic, located at 5217 SE 28th Avenue, has been a fixture in Portland since 2005 serving tens of thousands of medical marijuana patients over […]

Medical Marijuana

First 2017 Marijuana Bill Introduced In Congress

In a year which has been heralded as a time of change for federal marijuana laws and policies, the first federal bill proposing a change has been introduced in the United States Congress. H.R. 331 was introduced January 5th and is sponsored by California Representative Barbara Lee (13th District). The official […]

National Academy of Sciences marijuana cannabis
Marijuana Science

National Academy Of Sciences: Marijuana Is An Effective Medicine

Medical marijuana supporters rejoiced today as the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released findings which concluded that marijuana is an effective medicine. The federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule I substance which is based off of a determination that marijuana has no medical value. Today’s report obviously […]

Marijuana Legalization

New Mexico’s Cannabis Revenue And Freedom Act

And The Loss Of Freedom For The State’s Medical Cannabis Program The Medical Cannabis Program in New Mexico has continued to be a topic of many headlines across the state and now nationally, along with our state’s budget crisis, for several months now. The participants in the medical cannabis saw […]

regulate rhode island marijuana cannabis
Marijuana Legalization

Rhode Island Lawmakers To Introduce Legislation To Legalize Marijuana

As the Massachusetts government prepares to implement an initiative to regulate and tax marijuana that was approved by voters in November, lawmakers in Rhode Island are poised to introduce similar legislation. The bill sponsors, Sen. Joshua Miller (D-Cranston) and State Rep. Scott Slater (D-Providence), discussed the proposal at a news conference […]

jeff sessions marijuana cannabis
Marijuana Legalization

Organizations React To Confirmation Hearings For Jeff Sessions In Press Teleconference Tomorrow

Representatives from a broad spectrum of organizations will offer their reactions to Senator Sessions’ responses during his confirmation hearings this week to questions on criminal justice reform, marijuana reform, civil and human rights and other issues. The spectrum of organizations represented on this call share strong concerns that Jeff Sessions […]

Jeff Sessions Marijuana Quotes
Cannabis Activism

Reading the Tea Leaves on Jeff Sessions’ Marijuana Answers

In preparing my post last night on major marijuana organizations’ reaction to the answers given by Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions when questioned about marijuana enforcement in the states that have legalized it, I did not include the reaction from one of my favorite reformers, Tom Angell, head of Marijuana Majority. No […]

Washington Cannaibis-Summit
Marijuana Events

Washington State Cannabis Summit: Legitimacy Through Education

Some Trade Groups Are More Than Support Groups In The Cannabis Industry Cannabis industry events are no longer just attended by farmers and stoners; there are now ITs, biologist, chemist, and other professionals. Marijuana-themed events range from educational to just for fun, but when you can combine the two that’s […]