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Cannabis Culture

What Are Marijuana Dabs?

What is a marijuana dab? It’s a straight forward question that doesn’t have an easy to provide answer. It’s a question that more and more people are asking as marijuana continues to go mainstream and people continue to explore the buffet of marijuana options that are out there these days. […]

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Marijuana Legalization

The Treat Alcohol Like Marijuana Act

As marijuana legalization sweeps the country, our prohibitionist opposition sounds the alarm about “Big Marijuana” – how it will become a predatory industry, mendaciously marketing super-potent gummy bears to the kids and promoting marijuana addiction among young adults. But some public policy wonks, even long-time supporters of ending prohibition, agree […]

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Medical Marijuana

Congress Fails To Give Veterans Fair And Equal Access To Medical Marijuana

A final version of the Department of Veterans Affairs funding bill was passed by Congress on Wednesday night. The funding bill originally included a provision that would have made it easier for military veterans to access medical marijuana in states where medical marijuana is legal. Unfortunately, that provision was stripped before the […]

Cannabis Activism

Adventures In Activism: Portland Hempstalk

The Event With “legalization” here many activist think events like Hempstalk and Hempfest are things of the past but I hope not. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a marijuana activist since I was 17 or maybe its because I’ve been writing online as an adult for the past 6 years; […]

Marijuana Legalization

#MJElectionNight Preview: Yes on 1 (Maine Legalization)

Regulate Maine’s David Boyer fills us in on the details of Maine’s Question 1 initiative to legalize marijuana. Be sure to tune in to on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 starting at 6pm Eastern for my live streaming coverage of #MJElectionNight from Los Angeles. We’re speaking with reform leaders, campaign spokespeople, […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Charlotte Killing That Sparked Civic Unrest Began With Marijuana

By Phillip Smith The chain of events that led to the death of Keith Lamont Scott at the hands of Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department (CMPD) officers and days of civic unrest in North Carolina’s largest city began with a joint, Charlotte police said Saturday. That makes Scott the 38th person […]