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Sports And Cannabis

The Cannabis Health Challenge

The Cannabis Health Challenge is a 10 day event created by Green Flower Media focused on helping you use cannabis to improve your health, happiness and well-being. Each day for 10 days during the Cannabis Health Challenge (started Saturday, January 14th), Green Flower Media provides a short video as a […]

Cannabis Activism

Make America Great Again, End The Drug War

A marijuana activist is someone who only wants to bring common decency and justice to their country, their community, our world. We’re just trying to bring sanity and faith to America, the ability to believe in the American dream, in America. The slogan that won the Presidency of the United […]

Global Drug War

South Australia To Explore Hemp Reform

Hemp reform is sweeping the United States. The State of Kentucky expects to almost triple production this year, and many states have seen bills introduced in recent years to get hemp programs off the ground. But there are also international efforts underway. South Australia is the latest. South Australia’s Manufacturing […]

NFL Marijuana List
Sports And Cannabis

Two Green Bay Packers Players Will Likely Miss Quarter of 2017 Season

As the Mighty Thirteen-Time World Champion Green Bay Packers prepare for their Divisional Round playoff game against some team in Arlington, news has broken that one of their (currently injured) stars in the secondary, Sam Shields, was busted for marijuana last year: Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields has been charged […]

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Cannabis Activism

How Big is the California Marijuana Market?

A new figure has been making the rounds that has ganjapreneurs and cannabis investors on the west coast sitting up in their seat. The number is $23.3 billion, and it’s the latest economic estimate on just how much cannabis stands to be produced in California now that plant is coming […]

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Marijuana Legalization

NY Governor To Propose Clarifications To State Marijuana Decriminalization Law

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced his renewed commitment to decriminalizing marijuana possession in his State of the State Book, which outlines his agenda for the 2017 Legislative Session. New York State first decriminalized personal marijuana possession in 1977, recognizing the harmful impact an arrest could have on young people. Criminalization of […]

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Marijuana Business

Proposal Would Make Selling Marijuana Legal In D.C.

Washington D.C. voted for marijuana legalization in 2014. At the time, Washington D.C. joined Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska in doing so. Since then California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada have also been added to the list. Washington D.C.’s marijuana legalization initiative passed by a wider margin than all of those […]

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Global Drug War

Stingray – Privacy, Surveillance, The War On Drugs, And Your Phone

By C Walker Raymond Lambis is a free man—at least for now. He was looking at 10 years to life on federal drug charges, but the case was built on a controversial technology—“Stingray“—and in a precedent-setting 2016 decision widely celebrated by legal experts and privacy advocates, a federal judge ruled […]

cannabis collaborative conference
Marijuana Business

Portland: Cannabis Collaborative Conference In February

There are so many marijuana industry events these days it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all. I remember even just a couple of years ago there weren’t that many. Not all marijuana industry events are created equal. Trust me, i have been to a lot of them. Marijuana […]