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Marijuana Legalization

Can I Get Fired For Smoking Legal Marijuana?

Reform is spreading like crazy all over America. Parts of America that were once thought to be ‘off limits’ for reform are now ‘in play.’ Over 21% of Americans now live where voters have approved recreational marijuana legalization. Over half of the states in America (28 to be exact) have […]

Marijuana Legalization

Trump Selects Marijuana Opponent Jeff Sessions To Be Attorney General

If you were still celebrating the watershed election that just occurred, chances are you are feeling a bit that the honeymoon is over if you have been following politics today. President-elect Donald Trump has made his selection for Attorney General, and it could prove to have serious consequences for the […]

Marijuana Legalization

Which States Have Legal Marijuana?

There 8 states that have voted to legalize recreational marijuana The 2016 Election ushered in a new era in the marijuana world. 2012 saw the first states legalize recreational marijuana (Colorado and Washington). I will never forget the feeling in Denver the day after the 2012 Election. I was at […]

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Marijuana Events

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference Tickets Go Up At Midnight

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) starts this Saturday, November 19th, with an information-filled program that will have the latest on Oregon’s medical and recreational cannabis systems. Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, a long-time cultivation expert and activist will kick off the conference. Rosenthal, a no-holds barred advocate once […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Vermont Lawmakers To Make A Push For Marijuana Legalization

The 2016 Election was historic on many levels from a marijuana reform standpoint. Obviously the election was big because more states voted to legalize marijuana. Adding California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts to the list of legal states is a big deal. Not just because adding them to the list doubled […]

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Marijuana Legalization

California: Marijuana Convictions Are Being Reduced Or Overturned

One of the biggest arguments for legalizing marijuana in California was that people would have the new law retroactively applied to their marijuana offenses/cases if Proposition 64 passed. Proposition 64 passed by the widest margin of victory out of any state marijuana legalization initiative to date. As such, people are […]