Will New Oregon Cannabis Testing Standards Save the Industry?

As the October 1st deadline for new cannabis testing regulations was bearing down upon the Oregon cannabis industry, a coalition of Oregon industry advocates sought a reprieve, warned legislators, policymakers and regulators about the damage the new requirements would cause to the industry. Not only were the new testing rules going to be expensive, but […]

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Beer Markets Are Down In States That Have Legalized Marijuana Sales

During the 2016 election, members of the alcohol industry donated to anti-legalization efforts. There are members of the marijuana alcohol industry that feel threatened by what a legalized marijuana industry would do to the alcohol industry. They reason that if people are able to consume marijuana legally, that they will choose marijuana more often than […]

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Minnesota Medical Marijuana Program Adds PTSD To List Of Qualifying Conditions

Minnesota residents that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will soon be able to become medical marijuana patients. The Minnesota Department of Health announced today that it is adding the condition to the list of conditions that qualify a patient to enroll in the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Program. Minnesota’s medical marijuana program is considered to […]

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