Letitia Pepper Cannabis Talk

Prop 64 Foe Says Marijuana Smokers “Treated Like the N*ggers”

During a live online debate Wednesday on California’s Proposition 64, the attorney arguing against a vote for marijuana legalization compared the last twenty years of medical marijuana to “Jim Crow laws”, saying that marijuana consumers have “been treated like the n*ggers.” An online talk show called “Cannabis Talk” featured a debate on Prop 64, the Adult […]

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Tommy Chong OMBC Ashland

Don’t Miss the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference on November 19th

Mark your calendars because the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is bringing its trademark blend of business, activism and culture to beautiful Ashland for another information-filled conference on November 19th at the Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites. In addition to the latest information on both medical and recreational laws and regulations, attendees will have great opportunities to network with […]

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Russ Belville and Gary Johnson

Why Not Throw Away Your Pro-Marijuana Third-Party Vote On Me?

We’re nineteen days away from the most important marijuana election in our nation’s history. You may have also heard we’re choosing the next person who sets the government’s agenda, installs the department heads, and picks the judges who’ll govern the federal response to ongoing state marijuana legalization. Far too many of you think that president can […]

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Hemp Industries Association Annual Conference Is A Huge Success

Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a non-profit trade association consisting of hundreds of hemp businesses and farmers, hosted its 23rd annual conference during September 17 through September 20, 2016, in Westminster, Colorado just north of Denver. Attended by HIA business and farmer members, non-members, as well as national media and leading entrepreneurs and celebrity figures, the […]

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