Top CBD Oil Cafes In Ireland Worth Trying


If there is one subject that has dominated the health supplement market in recent months, it’s that of CBD. What is all the fuss about, and why should you be interested? Before we go on talk in more detail about CBD – and in particular its legality and availability in Ireland – please be aware we are
not doctors. We are talking about CBD purely as a health supplement, and it’s a very popular an effective one, too.

What is CBD? CBD is cannabidiol, and it is one of many – more than 100 – compounds found in the cannabis plant. Now, before you start to worry, CBD does not get you high. That is the result of ingesting another compound of cannabis, THC.

Many people use CBD oil with great effect as a pain reliever. Others say it helps with anxiety, depression and poor sleep. However, it is important to understand that it has yet to be approved as a medicinal product – both in Ireland and elsewhere – and can only be sold as a health supplement.

So, where do we stand with regard to CBD oil in Dublin Ireland?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Ireland?

The legality of CBD is a controversial subject, and can be a complex one, too. The law in Ireland states that CBD oil is legal to sell – and to buy – as long as it contains under 0.2% THC – so, only trace amounts of the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant.

As with many places across the world, the rise in popularity of CBD led to the opening of a number of CBD cafes in Dublin and Ireland. These have met with various reactions, some having been at the centre of police attention. We strongly recommend that if in Ireland, however, you visit Little Collins
CBD Dispensary, in Galway, for a great experience and a relaxing place to be.

In Dublin itself, Smoke Different Vape Café – on Capel Street – is a good place to enjoy vaping your CBD oil, among others who will be doing the same. Also worth a visit is Smokey Brew, on Augier Street, where you can buy and enjoy a wide variety of vape and CBD products. As popularity rises and more understanding of the legality of CBD oil comes to the fore, you can be sure more such cafes and shops will open in Ireland.

How to Take CBD Oil

The fact is that CBD oil can be taken in many different forms. Among the most popular methods are vaping and in capsule form. Vaping can be a problem, as it is not permitted by law in many public places and – should you be in company – is not necessarily socially acceptable. However, you can visit one of the cafes mentioned above, or use your search engine to find more CBD cafes in Dublin or wherever you may be in the rest of Ireland. These are places where you can settle back and enjoy your CBD in the company of others, so check them out if that sounds like it’s for you.

If vaping is not your thing, you can take in capsule form, or even in the shape of gummies – sweets that are CBD-laced – which can be the most convenient methods, and it is also available as tinctures.

In short, CBD oil may not yet be officially passed for medical use, yet many people are using it successfully for a variety of ailments and conditions. It’s legal, available, and you might want to see if CBD is the answer you are looking for.

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