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Hemp Uses
Hemp Uses

As new laws are passing for the mass production of hemp, let us remember that this is nothing new in America. In fact, at one time it was asked of American Farmers to grow Hemp for Victory during WWII. Also during this time, hemp saved George H.W Bush life as the support for his parachute.

Many do not know why they should thank Jack Herer for the fight he fought, but this video is an example of one of the many things he did to help bring the conversation to the average American. With the help of Mia Farrow and Carl Packard, they submitted Hemp For Victory to the Library of Congress, the existence of the tape was in denial by both the Department of Agriculture and Library of Congress until then.

As we catch up with our ancestors on the use of hemp and cannabis, I wish to remind you that the plant is one of the most diverse. It can be used for anything from textile to medicinal, this is not a unicorn, the government has known for years of the therapeutic and textile properties but its only until late that the government can no longer keep squishing the truth, now it must turn into a commodity like soy, corn, or any other agriculture product.

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