Genesis CBD Products Review (2022)


Shopping for CBD products can be confusing.

Oil, tincture or capsule? Edibles or vaping? Topical creams, balms, or ointments? What’s the right dosage? How do you know which company to trust – or if any of them can be trusted at all?

If the world of cannabidiol (the full name for CBD) seems confusing to you, Genesis CBD doesn’t do much to help clear things up.

The company is a major wholesaler in the cannabidiol industry, dealing with many of the major CBD producers. It also operates a website where consumers can purchase CBD, but that site is run under a different name – and a huge number of other companies’ products are sold there. Some of the products available on the site are actually manufactured by Genesis but under two different brand names.

To put it simply, Genesis CBD has its fingers in a lot of pies. That leads to a simple question, at least to us: if the company is selling everyone else’s products as well as its own, how good can theirs really be?

Let’s find out.

Genesis CBD: The Background

We couldn’t find much information about the company, its owners, or its history. One report says that Genesis is family-owned, with a mission to promote the benefits of CBD and marijuana. They’re based in Florida, where they have two retail stores in Fort Walton Beach and Destin operating under the name Boardwalk Vapes.

The company’s front-facing online operation runs at That’s where they sell a huge number of CBD products from all sorts of producers, ranging from well-known high-end producers to budget operations offering lower-quality cannabidiol. There’s no information about Genesis operations on the website, except for an address, phone number, and a log-in page for wholesalers.

Among the products sold on the website – and at the company’s stores, and through vendors nationwide – are the ones manufactured under the Genesis name, as well as another brand that they own, HempleBox. HempleBox’s main business is packaging an assortment of CBD products, of various quality, that’s shipped monthly to subscribers.

(There’s also another CBD company, Genesis Pharms, which is based on the West Coast. As far as we can tell, it’s not connected to Genesis CBD in any way, although some writers and reviewers have (apparently mistakenly) cited Genesis Pharms products when writing about Genesis CBD. In addition, there’s the faith-based Genesis Life CBD company which is also based in Florida; it doesn’t look like they’re connected to Genesis CBD, but we can’t be sure.)

Confused yet? Well, we are, sort of.

If a company makes great CBD, why wouldn’t they make it easy to find on a branded website – instead of mixing it together with a bunch of other brands and selling them in a generic web store?

We can’t find the answer to that question, but the logical conclusion would be that Genesis is primarily in the business of wholesaling and retailing all of the CBD products it can source, through as many channels as possible. Offering their own house brand alongside all of the others, and selling it wholesale to other retailers, would simply increase their profits.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t think CBD producers should lose money; they deserve a respectable profit. And we certainly have nothing against anyone making money.

Our point is this: in an industry with more than its share of shady operators and mediocre products, Genesis CBD certainly doesn’t go out of its way to promote confidence.

Genesis CBD: The Approach

We weren’t surprised that Genesis isn’t overly transparent about the way they source and manufacture their CBD products. It’s common practice for a high-end producer to prominently explain their production processes, but there’s no such article or disclosure available for Genesis CBD.

Instead, we had to search their website to find their products, read all of the descriptions – and even check the information available from companies that resell Genesis products – just to compile a general summary. That’s surprising because the company apparently uses many of the best practices required to create high-quality cannabidiol, even though Genesis CBD’s reasonable prices make their products seem more generic than premium.

As you continue, please remember that these details are just our “best guesses.”

Other than one throwaway comment on a reseller’s site, we couldn’t find anything that says (or implies) that Genesis CBD sources most of its products from organic hemp, nor could we figure out where the hemp is grown. That’s not a good start.

It appears that the company uses the supercritical CO2 method to extract cannabidiol from hemp; most experts believe that’s the best choice because it retains almost all of the CBD’s potency. And most of the Genesis product line is made with full-spectrum cannabidiol. That’s promising because full-spectrum CBD contains all of the hemp plant’s components, boosting the effectiveness of the cannabidiol.

Genesis uses either MCT coconut oil or hempseed oil as a carrier oil in the products that require it. MCT oil does the best job of distributing cannabidiol, a positive attribute of its CBD that Genesis does a poor job of highlighting. Another is the fact that (from what we can tell) only natural ingredients are used in its products. We had to go through each product’s ingredient list to figure all of this out, even though full-spectrum CBD, all-natural ingredients, and MCT carrier oil should be major selling points.

If you’re even more confused than you were a few minutes ago, you’re not alone. The only conclusion we can draw is that these seem to be properly-manufactured and effective products, except that the CBD apparently doesn’t come from organically-grown hemp.

Let’s look at the lineup.

Genesis CBD Oil

Genesis CBD oil on white background

The company makes one CBD oil (they call it tincture), which appears to be well-designed. It contains only full-spectrum cannabidiol and MCT carrier oil, with no other ingredients to detract from the performance of the CBD. That means it’s an unflavored product, which has a somewhat-raw hemp taste. (As mentioned above, there’s no sign that the hemp is organic.)

The oil is available in a great selection of six potencies, from a low of 3.3mg/ml to a high of 66.6mg/ml. That means there’s a good choice for just about every purpose or medical condition, except perhaps for very severe pain.

Of course, since the company sells many competing products right along with Genesis CBD on the same website, you may find a different type of CBD oil (flavored, made from CBD isolate, stronger) that you like even better.

Genesis CBD Capsules

Genesis CBD capsule on white background

Genesis offers a choice of 25mg or 50mg all-natural CBD softgels. They contain only full-spectrum cannabidiol, hemp seed carrier oil, glycerin, and water, and the ingredients are put into a gelatin shell. There’s no indication of whether the capsules are vegan or vegetarian, though.

Genesis CBD Edibles

Genesis CBD Gummies on whiet background

There’s a pretty good selection of Genesis CBD candies if you prefer that method of taking cannabidiol: gummy bears and gummy worms with 25mg of CBD isolate, 50mg lollipops, and 25mg hard candies. They are all-natural and primarily made with organic ingredients (apparently, of course, except for the CBD).

Genesis CBD Vape and Related Products

Genesis CBD Vape Products on white background

One of the few areas where Genesis has made a name for its own products is in vaping. Genesis CBD e-juice is clean, containing just full-spectrum cannabidiol, an emulsifier, and vegetable glycerin (which makes it vapable). There’s no nicotine or flavoring, so the vape is rather raw-tasting and perhaps more palatable when mixed with another flavored juice.

What sets Genesis apart in this area is the six different potencies of e-juice it produces, since most companies offer one or two at the most. Their 66.6mg/ml juice is one of the strongest we’ve seen. We were surprised, though, at their suggestion that this juice can be administered sublingually (under the tongue) like a regular CBD oil; CBD e-juice is known for being much less effective when used in that way.

Genesis also produces a product you don’t often see: Delta-8-THC, sold as flower, dab, pre-rolls, and in vape cartridges. Delta-8-THC is a cannabinoid that’s found in hemp and is a very different substance than the Delta-9-THC in pot that makes you high, although its chemical makeup is quite similar and can cause you to fail a drug test. Delta-8 is legal, at least for now, and it delivers a calming feeling that some people describe as a low-key high without the loss of focus. Genesis CBD sells eight varieties of Delta-8, produced from eight different hemp strains.

Finally, Genesis offers organic CBD hemp nugs for use in vaporizers, bongs, or other smoking devices.14 different Sativa and Indica strains are available, sold in either eighths or quarters.

Genesis CBD Topicals

Genesis CBD Topical Products on white background

There are three topical products in the Genesis lineup: pain cream that includes several essential oils as well as full-spectrum CBD, salve that’s sold in a tube applicator and contains CBD isolate, arnica and ginger root, and lip balm with CBD isolate, shea butter, coconut oil, and peppermint oil. All three are all-natural and made from organic ingredients.

Genesis CBD: The Verdict

Well, we’re still somewhat confused. These all seem to be thoughtfully-designed and properly-manufactured products, available in a very good selection of potencies and able to deliver results. All that’s missing is the use of organic hemp – and we still can’t be sure that Genesis doesn’t use organically-grown hemp as the source for its CBD. If they did, you’d think they’d say so.

We’ll probably never know why the company chooses to sell what appears to be good CBD products right alongside other good ones, some with more-recognizable brand names. But that’s not the important question. Here’s what is: if you see Genesis CBD sold at an online retailer or your local CBD shop, is it worth buying? In our opinion, it is – especially at the reasonable prices it sells for.

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