Bluebird Botanicals CBD: Review and Buying Guide in 2022


Wondering if you’re using a top-rated CBD oil?

If you need to ask yourself that question, there’s a chance that you’re not confident about the quality of the product you’re using. It’s either not a good formula or the product falls short of certain quality standards.

With Bluebird Botanicals, those questions are not a problem. The company is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, and if you’re considering their products as your next source of CBD, here’s a detailed Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil review, along with the other products from this brand.

Bluebird Botanicals: About the Brand

Bluebird Botanicals is one of the industry’s veterans. The company was founded in 2012 by herbalist Brandon J. Beatty. Since then, Bluebird Botanicals has managed to earn the reputation of one of the best CBD manufacturers out there.

Quality is the name of the game for Bluebird Botanicals. Everything this brand does with hemp extracts is rigorously controlled, from seeds to lab testing and packaging.

The company was also awarded as the #1 Hemp CBD Company of the Year in the 2016 Cannabis Awards. In addition to its commitment to quality, Bluebird Botanicals also has a mission to help the cannabis community, especially veterans and people with long-term disabilities. Qualifying customers can count on a handful of assistance programs.

Bluebird also donates to several non-profit organizations, including Global Fund for Women, the American Cancer Society, and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

By simply looking at its activity, you can tell that this brand is both professional and dedicated to helping society.

To learn more, you can visit their website here.

Bluebird Botanicals Product Reviews

Bluebird Botanicals offers a wide range of CBD products, which is great for consumers who want to try out different formats. But, if you don’t want to invest in all products — which can be quite expensive — here’s a quick roundup of each one. That way, you’ll be able to choose the ones that are worth a shot.

1. Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil

Bluebird Botanicals offers three types of CBD oil: Classic, Complete, and Signature. All versions are a bit different but have one thing in common: they’re gluten-free, non-GMO, and sweetener-free.

These are full-spectrum products, meaning that each serving provides you with over 100 phytocannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and trace minerals. The combination of these molecules makes them more effective than isolate-based extracts.

The CBD has been suspended in organic hemp seed oil for better absorption and added health benefits coming from this superfood. The classic option is just a traditional unflavored CBD oil for beginners — offering 250 mg of CBD per bottle (4.2 mg per serving).

The second variant — Hemp Complete — has 50% of CBD and 50% of CBDA from the raw plant. It also has more terpenes which help create that synergy full-spectrum extracts are known for. Unlike the Classic version, this extract is suspended in extra virgin olive oil, which is considered one of the best carriers for CBD.

About the Signature variant, this product has been infused with cold-press black cumin seed oil, wildcrafted Frankincense carterii extract, and organic virgin hemp seed oil. The addition of frankincense oil is great for general wellness while the black cumin seed extract can help alleviate problems with obesity, diabetes, and dermatological problems.

If you find the basic potency range too weak for your needs, Bluebird Botanicals also has more potent options in their collection, also known as the Concentrated CBD Oils. They contain 1500 mg of full-spectrum CBD per fluid ounce, which is about 6 times as much as the basic variants.

The high-potency line can be effective for those with chronic pain, anxiety issues, and poor sleep. However, remember that as the concentration goes up, so do the prices. If you want to test out all the options without breaking the bank, the brand has a 6x Sample Pack.

3. Bluebird Botanicals CBD Capsules

If you have issues holding CBD oil in your mouth, these capsules offer a more convenient way of taking your supplement. These low-potency softgels contain about 5 mg of CBD per count. Just like the oils, the capsules are infused with full-spectrum CBD emulsified in virgin hemp seed oil. They’re also available in a more concentrated version, which carries 15 mg of CBD in each serving.

On the other hand, they might not be appropriate for you if you’re vegan as they are made with glycerin.

4. Bluebird Botanicals CBD Vape Oil

Bluebird Botanicals sells only one type of CBD vape oil. This product is made with CBD isolate, USP-grade propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine. It’s available in two different sizes: 333 mg CBD (10 mL) and 1000 mg CBD (30 mL).

The oil is unflavored and designed exclusively for vaporizers, not for oral ingestion.

5. Bluebird Botanicals Pure CB Oil (THC-Free)

Bluebird Botanicals offers a THC-free alternative for CBD consumers who aren’t sure about adding even trace amounts of THC into their routine. The Pure Hemp Extract is made with 99% pure CBD isolate, so you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test. Each serving of this oil delivers 25 mg of CBD infused into coconut oil for quicker absorption.

6. Bluebird Botanicals Pet Products

Bluebird Botanicals has a special line for pets, which strictly suggests that these products aren’t intended for human use. This is a bit weird since the oil only contains two ingredients — full-spectrum CBD extract and hemp seed oil, which is what most CBD oils have in their ingredients.

The only difference between the Hemp CBD Companion line and the collection for humans is that the pet products offer a lower amount of CBD to ensure your pet doesn’t take too much CBD at a time.

Bluebird Botanicals is also one of the few companies that offer capsules for pets. Each capsule has about 5 mg of CBD.

The Pros & Cons of Bluebird Botanicals

In case you were still unsure whether Bluebird Botanicals products are worth your money, here are the brand highlights along with a few cons, which we had to mention to give you a bigger picture of this company.

The Pros

High-Quality Products

Bluebird Botanicals is very transparent about the quality of its products. The company uses organic hemp plants from Colorado farms, uses CO2 extraction, and tests each product batch in a third-party laboratory to make sure you get exactly what you’ve paid for. The lab reports are easy to access through the company’s website.

Charity Donations

As mentioned, the brand takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously. Not only does Bluebird Botanicals produce high-quality CBD products, but it also regularly gives back to the community, making donations to several non-profit organizations and offering discounts for veterans and people with serious disabilities.

Neat Website

The company’s website is simple and easy to use. It has separate sections for the products and lab reports on top of an educational blog and a FAQ section for beginners. Another good thing about the website is that it describes how Bluebird Botanical sources and produces its CBD extracts, including farming and the complicated process of extraction.

Diverse Product Range

Bluebird Botanicals offers several forms of CBD, from oil drops to capsules, vapes, and pet products. It also has a few potency options, so whether you’re a new user or looking for stronger doses, you won’t run out of options with this company.

Regular Discounts

As mentioned, Bluebird Botanicals products are a bit expensive, but it still tries to enable easy access to its products for everyone. The brand offers regular discounts, loyalty programs, financial assistance, and coupon codes who can’t afford CBD.

The Cons

High Prices

Unfortunately, Bluebird Botanicals doesn’t offer competitive prices when compared with other brands. However, considering the purity and quality of those extracts, you’ll still find them worth those extra few bucks.

Limited Options for Certain Products

If you take capsules or prefer vaping instead of sublingual drops, then you may find Bluebird’s collection a bit disappointing. There’s only one option available for each product.

About Bluebird Botanicals Customer Service

Bluebird Botanicals has decent customer service. The employees are very helpful and respond in a timely manner, assisting buyers about their CBD purchases, and explaining how to use these products properly. This puts the brand in a flattering light because most new users tend to get confused and often seek help in platforms like Reddit or discussion forums, and that can sometimes be risky.

Final Thoughts on Bluebird Botanicals

If you’re into CBD products, you’ll feel excited about Bluebird Botanicals, as the brand has an outstanding way of extracting and processing its hemp extracts so that they are of premium quality. Their mission to help other people get easy access to CBD oil also deserves credit; it’s good to see a company that cares about its customers from more than just the business perspective.

The prices aren’t cheap but if you can afford to invest in Bluebird Botanicals — especially its full-spectrum CBD oil — then we won’t drag you away from that decision. In fact, we believe this will be a great choice.

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