Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains for Sex


You’re getting ready for a night of unbridled passion with the love of your life – or maybe you’re just planning on a quickie after swiping right an hour ago.

Either way, you’ve made sure you’re ready. You’ve showered, you’ve put on the right clothes (take that to mean whatever you’d like), and you’ve made sure that you have protection close by.

Oh – and naturally, you’ve dug into your stash to make sure you can both stay happily medicated.

There’s actually a lot of evidence that proves that’s a smart idea. Smoking up can enhance both arousal and sexual satisfaction. That is, as long as you’ve chosen the right strain for the occasion.

Weed and Sex

Cultures all over the world have been using cannabis as an aphrodisiac, and to boost libido and improve the quality of their sexual experiences, for millennia. It’s been used in Indian tantric sex practices for well over a thousand years. In nations as “off the beaten track” as Uganda, it’s been a common treatment for sexual dysfunction for centuries.

There’s also been modern scientific research examining the effects of cannabinoids before and during sex, and it shows what most us would expect. Pot can increase the strength of women’s orgasms, relieve the anxiety many people feel when doing the nasty, and increase the body’s sensitivity so that physical sensations are enhanced. And needless to say, the general sensation of euphoria that weed often induces is never a bad thing in bed.

Is there a “best” strain for male and female arousal? Well, sort of. Read on.

Choosing the Right Flower

Anyone with even a little experience knows that different cannabis strains affect different people differently. So there’s no “magic bullet” (or magic nug) which will lead to a permanent state of horniness or to mind-blowing sex.

What you’d generally expect, though, is generally true. Sativa strains are more likely to get you amped, so they’re a better choice if the goal is to hook up with Mr. or Ms. Right Now and go at it like rabbits. Indica strains, on the other hand, tend to promote relaxation and a more chill state of mind; they’re better suited to a tender night of sensational lovemaking with Mr. or Ms. Always Here.

It would be unfair to take that information and reach the easy conclusion: sativa for guys, indica for girls. In truth, the best strains for arousal and sexual pleasure – for the majority of users – are usually a hybrid of the two.

That’s why you’ll hybrids dominating our “bedtime menu.”

The Best Marijuana Strains for Male and Female Arousal

Atomic Northern Lights

OK, guys, we’ll start with you (although this can work just as well for women). Why guys? Because many devotees of Atomic Northern Lights consider it to be a very effective Viagra replacement. It’s not the easiest strain to find, it’s somewhat harsh and it can smell a bit skunky (vaping it might be a better choice).

But these 60/40 indica/sativa buds reduce inhibitions, boosting both sociability and arousal. Atomic Northern Lights has a high level of psychoactivity, so there’s an added benefit: the high is fantastic and somewhat psychedelic. That can lead to intense, erotic and sensual sexual encounters that might not be in your normal playbook, and a residual feeling of intimacy after you’re done.

Ultimate Trainwreck (or Trainwreck)

If you haven’t tried it, you’ve heard of it. Ultimate Trainwreck is the much stronger version of the much-loved Trainwreck – but don’t be afraid that the name describes what your Tinder hookup will turn into. This sativa-dominant strain actually produces a potent buzz that will give you energy and create euphoria, two things certain to transform “sex” into “mind-blowing experience.” It also enhances focus, a very good attribute if you’re looking for a high that will also get you aroused and ready to go.

There’s one more plus, particularly for women who experience some discomfort during sex. The Trainwreck strains are known for their high THC content and are often used to treat pain, so they’re a good choice to let you fully enjoy the experience.

Hindu Skunk

While we have the girls’ attention, Hindu Skunk is an excellent choice for arousal. Yes, you can guess what it smells like. What’s more important, though, is what it feels like: it’s an Indica-heavy strain (the Hindu Kush and Skunk #1) which quickly elevates mood while triggering erotic feelings, just what the doctor (or your partner) ordered to get you wet and ready.

Don’t worry, guys, there’s more to this strain than that. Its high TCH content invigorates users, making it a great companion for long and energetic sessions of bumping ugly. And when party time is over you end up satisfied and sleepy, so be prepared to drift off once the buzz is gone.

Bubblegum Kush

Here’s a strain that may be more suited to the “so much in love” couple rather than the “hit it and go” crowd. It’s also Indica-dominant but has a lower THC content, so it induces relaxation, a peaceful feeling, and sexual experiences and orgasms which are deep and fulfilling rather than blood-pumping and frantic.

Don’t expect fast arousal and fast consummation; Bubblegum Kush can take a while to kick in as you relax, cuddle and move into foreplay on the couch. For those are already into each other, however, it’s an ideal strain for a full evening (or day?) of sensuous, satisfying lovemaking and deep sleep afterward. It has a nice citrusy taste, too.

Alice in Wonderland

The most interesting effect of Sativa-dominant Alice in Wonderland is that it intensely elevates sensory experiences. That means it will require fewer “stimuli” to get you aroused; when you see, smell or feel something that might get you going, Alice in Wonderland will do the rest.

Euphoric effects are definitely a characteristic of this bud as well, so the sex that follows arousal can be somewhat wild and exciting. But even if your weed has just a moderate THC level (it can vary widely with this strain), you’ll definitely be happy, satisfied and stress-free when you’re done.

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