White Gold Marijuana Strain Information and Complete Review


People in many parts of Texas love their Big Red soda.

In New York, not everyone loves Cel-Ray soda but everyone knows it. Then there’s Vernor’s in the upper Midwest, Moxie in northern New England, Cheerwine in North Carolina, and Kemper’s in the Pacific Northwest.

Those are all local favorites that are virtually unknown elsewhere in the nation. That’s the opposite of Coke and Pepsi, of course, which are not only ubiquitous in America but around the world.

There are lots of obscure pot strains, too. Some are only well-known in the areas where they were developed or where they’re grown. Others are simply not very popular.

Then there are strains which are famous and beloved almost everywhere – just like Coke and Pepsi. One of those strains is White Widow. It’s revered for its potency, its balanced Sativa/Indica effects, and the wonderful high it produces. It’s also one of the cannabis plants commonly used around the world to create outstanding new strains.

One of the best is White Gold. Its appearance and effects aren’t quite the same that you may have experienced with White Widow, but it’s still potent, versatile, and extremely enjoyable.

White Gold: The Quick Summary

White Gold Cannabis Bud on white background

Would it be insensitive to say “Once you go white, you’ll never go back?” White gold is a powerhouse of a 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid that’s able to both provide a creative and relaxing high if you’re chilling, and a more focused and energetic high if you’re trying to get stuff done. The THC content is very high, the medicinal properties are strong, and the taste and aroma are interesting.

Genetics: 60/40 Indica THC Content: 16-25%
Effects: Relaxing, Focused, Happy Medical Uses: Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Nausea

White Gold: The Background

You already know about half of White Gold’s parentage; it’s a descendant of the famed White Widow strain. The other half of the equation is Himalayan Gold, well-known for its energizing highs. Amsterdam-based Sensi Seeds crossed the two and came up with a versatile strain that’s able to provide Sativa and Indica effects depending on the amount smoked and the mood of the smoker.

Other breeders have created their own versions of this strain with somewhat-varying results (Expert Seeds crossed Grapefruit and Ice, while Archive Seed Bank used strains developed from GSC, GG#4, and OG Kush, among others). But Sensi remains the gold standard for White Gold and the best of the bunch. This is not the most readily-available strain, but connoisseurs know where to find it – and they seek it out whenever possible.

White Gold: The Effects

One of the most captivating features of White Gold is its ability to be all things to all people, thanks to its lineage. Looking for an active Sativa head high? More in the mood for a relaxing Indica experience? This versatile strain is actually able to provide both.

At first, White Gold delivers an uplifting euphoria that’s motivating, stimulating, and able to help with focus and clarity. That’s followed by a slowly-developing calm that spreads through the body without seriously affecting the ability to think clearly and be productive.

The 40% Indica in White Gold can be effective for inducing a restful sleep as well, but only when used in large amounts. Otherwise, the high is more of a calming, relaxing buzz for those who want to just hang out, think, and be happy.

The bottom line: this strain is extremely versatile. During the day it can help you with motivation and productivity; in the evening it’s perfect for chilling without severe couch lock or lethargy; at night, it can put you to sleep if you smoke enough. We’d never call any pot strain “perfect,” but White Gold seems to come pretty close for most people.

It’s important to note the high THC content, which sometimes runs in the high teens but usually averages in the mid-20% range. That makes White Gold quite potent, and best enjoyed by experienced smokers. Novices should go slowly.

White Gold: The Taste and Aroma

Before you partake, White Gold is very skunky. It smells that way in the grow room and the aroma becomes even more obvious after the flowers have been ground. Once you light up, though, other scents emerge. They’re definitely fruity, although diesel is still mixed in; some have compared the aroma to that of a citrus cleaning product.

The taste of this strain is complex as well. A strong earthy, diesel flavor is the first thing you notice, but then you begin to distinguish the different and interesting tropical fruit notes. The aftertaste is still fruity, but the bitter, earthy flavor once again becomes dominant. Some people who love the effects of White Gold dislike the taste, while others develop a tolerance or fondness for it over time – since the experience is so terrific.

White Gold: Possible Medical Benefits

The most beneficial uses of White Gold are to help with chronic stress, anxiety, and fatigue, because of the strain’s energetic yet calming effects. It’s known to overcome most negative feelings while encouraging a sense of calmness, motivation, and purpose, a balanced mix rarely experienced from a strain that’s Indica-dominant.

That heritage does also mean that White Gold can be effective to treat chronic or serious pain. You might think that the Sativa in this strain would lessen the “numbness” commonly associated with Indica’s pain relief, but it actually provides a little extra energy to help overcome the debilitating effects of pain (acting much like the caffeine in migraine medications).

The dual nature of this strain means that it can help those dealing with insomnia as well as those suffering from fatigue. The effect largely depends on how much White Gold you smoke. It’s also useful as an antiemetic (preventing or treating nausea) and as an appetite enhancer.

White Gold: Possible Side Effects

The average THC content in White Gold is 25%, meaning that novice users, those sensitive to the effects of THC, and those prone to experiencing paranoia or anxiety may feel those effects worsen. However, they aren’t as pronounced or common as they are with many THC-heavy strains. More usual side effects like cotton mouth are likelier.

White Gold: The Plant

White Gold plants are short (usually less than two feet tall) and squat, making them pretty easy to grow and cultivate either indoors or outdoors. Also making this an easy strain to grow: it doesn’t require much care, other than sufficient water and sunlight. The plants do like warm temperatures, though, so outdoor cultivation should be tried only in a climate where it stays warm through harvesting season in early October.

This strain has a short flowering season of about eight weeks, and it’s extremely productive. Yields of 500 grams per square meter or more are not uncommon – since each small plant produces a huge number of buds with a thick coating of sticky resin. The flowers are attractive as well, with dark green nugs and purple leaves (relatively-cool evening temperatures bring out the colors even more).

Just remember that White Gold doesn’t make a secret of its presence as it’s growing. The dank smell will definitely attract attention from neighbors or visitors.

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