Sunshine Daydream Marijuana Strain Information and Complete Review


Big companies spend an enormous amount of money to come up with the perfect name for their brands or products. More than anything else, a great name evokes the feeling or mood that users will experience when trying the product.

What does the name “Sunshine Daydream” evoke for you, other than perhaps the documentary of the same name that focused on The Grateful Dead?

A warm day spent with your significant other and a glass of white wine, lying on a blanket in the grass? A lazy weekend afternoon, relaxing in a hammock with a good book?

Those are actually pretty ways to describe the experience of smoking Sunshine Daydream – but only if you’re relaxing in the middle of a truck stop. That’s because a strong diesel flavor and aroma accompany this pot strain’s potent high.

Sunshine Daydream: The Quick Summary

Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Flower on white background

Sunshine Daydream is an Indica-leaning hybrid. It has high THC content which provides a slowly-building, relaxing high that many users describe as euphoric and dreamy, making the name Sunshine Daydream particularly apt. The diesel scent and taste are predominant, but there are some sweet notes in the mix as well.

Genetics: 60/40 Indica THC Content: 17-25%
Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, Sociable Medical Uses: Pain, Insomnia, Anti-Nausea

Sunshine Daydream: The Background

This strain was created by the well-known breeders Bodhi Seeds. It’s a cross between two other Indica-dominants, Appalachia (a descendant of Green Crack) and Bubbashine (a product of Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine). With that heritage, as you’d expect, the Indica is strong in this one.

Sunshine Daydream isn’t the easiest strain to find; if it’s your fave, you’re better off growing it from seeds that are easy to purchase online. But if you do find it, you’ll often find that it’s one of the less-expensive choices that a dispensary offers. It’s also one of the better choices for novice smokers since it doesn’t pack quite the full punch you might expect from a high-THC strain.

Sunshine Daydream: The Effects

The relaxation associated with this strain takes a while to fully develop. The experience begins with a calm head high, flowing and expanding gradually through the rest of the body in waves, and likely to bring on a case of couch-lock. The euphoria brought on by Sunshine Daydream builds as well, as stress is replaced by a carefree, happy, and sometimes joyful mood.

Some users describe a dreamlike state which is best-enjoyed solo, but many others find that the happiness that follows a few tokes of this strain is well-suited to sharing the evening with a small group of friends. A few more tokes, though, and the sedating effect of Sunshine Daydream can lead to a well-deserved night’s rest. The one thing that’s for certain: users won’t feel any internal drive to get work done.

The effects of this strain may not feel quite as potent as other THC-rich strains you may have tried. Even so, it takes a good deal of THC to induce the euphoria, dreaminess, and sedation associated with Sunshine Daydream. Expect to see the percentage of THC coming in somewhere in the high teens or low twenties, with some samples testing as high as 25%. CBD content is low, well below 1%.

Expect to cough quite a bit, too.

Sunshine Daydream: The Taste and Aroma

There’s no doubt about it. The strong diesel flavor and smell of Sunshine Daydream will be the first attribute you notice – and probably the second and third as well. That doesn’t mean there aren’t pleasant surprises waiting for you after you get used to the diesel taste, however. There’s a fruity sweetness underneath the harsh chemical taste, most often compared to that of the blueberries inside a freshly-baked muffin.

As for the aroma? Sunshine Daydream smells very much like a dank Kush. You may notice some sweetness hidden inside the strong diesel smell, but a pleasing aroma isn’t one of this strain’s strongest distinguishing factors.

Sunshine Daydream: Potential Medical Benefits

Many high-THC weed strains that induce potent body highs are – almost by definition – useful to help treat serious or chronic pain. Sunshine Daydream is no exception. It’s also a pretty good choice for milder or more transient pain, like that of headaches. This is a strain that can deliver anti-inflammatory effects as well, making it effective at treating both the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Another condition that can be managed with the help of Sunshine Daydream is stress. The majority of users report that the strain delivers a calming high, which is perfect for easing anxiety and stress. By extension, it can also help those who suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia caused by anxiety, since the sedating effects which set in during continued use of Sunshine Daydream can lull the user into a restful sleep. It’s also able to help those whose insomnia is not anxiety-related.

Marijuana is often used to help patients deal with the side effects of chemotherapy like pain and nausea. This is a very good strain for that purpose as well.

Sunshine Daydream: Potential Side Effects

Other than the very common effects of smoking like cottonmouth or dry eyes (or dizziness in novice users), there are very few side effects associated with the use of Sunshine Daydream. The calm head high, in particular, means this is not one of the strains that can easily lead to paranoia. Naturally, though, any strain with high THC content can make anxiety somewhat worse, particularly in those who have a low tolerance.

Sunshine Daydream: The Plant

The bushy, short Sunshine Daydream plant likes warm (70-80° F) daytime temperatures and a semi-humid environment. That makes it easy to grow indoors if there’s enough space for the plants to spread; it’s also pretty easy to cultivate outdoors if the climate is conducive. It’s a low-maintenance crop, another great reason to try growing it.

Be aware, though: if you plan on using a grow room it should have good ventilation since the plants are fairly pungent. You’ll also have to play with nighttime temperatures if you’re concerned with appearance since the telltale purple leaves of Sunshine Daydream require colder overnight temps to develop their rich color.

The plants typically take seven to nine weeks of growing before they’re ready to harvest; mid-to-late October is the optimal harvest time for outdoor crops, depending on your climate. Sunshine Daydream’s average yield is around 300-350 grams per square meter.

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