Why I Love Puffco Vape Pens


I own more vaporizer products than anyone else I know. I will never forget when I consumed vapor for the first time. It was the old school wooden box model, non-digital, and basically involved sucking air from a long hose. There was no bag, so you just had to sit and wait for the vapor to start coming out and then go for the gusto.

Then the digital model came out, then the Volcano hit the scene. I remember thinking at that time that there was no way the revolution could continue. I was clearly wrong. Vaporizers have gone handheld, but not all vaporizer pens are created equal. I own dozens of vaporizer pens, and have tried dozens more. The best pens, hands down in my opinion, are made by Puffco.

To be 100% upfront and clear, they are not an advertiser, and I am not paid to say these things in any way. I was a fan of the Puffco company long before I tried their pens because they ‘get it.’ Puffco is based out of New York, which is home to one of the most restrictive medical marijuana programs in the country. Puffco is a vaporizer company, which one would think would make them perfectly OK with New York’s restriction to only vaporizing cannabis (no smoking) since it obviously benefited their business model.

But such a stance would be based on greed, and not compassion, which is why Puffco came out in public opposition to the vape-only rule in New York. Below is the quote that the company offered up at the time:

“It’s great that patients in New York are finally getting safe and legal access to cannabis-based medicines,” said Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky. “Being based in Brooklyn, Puffco is especially proud to pioneer the design of cutting-edge devices that can bring relief to patients in our home state.

“Medical marijuana policies should be about serving seriously ill people’s needs, and that means letting doctors recommend cannabis in whatever form will work best for each patient,” said Volodarsky. “Puffco’s products facilitate one form of medical cannabis use, but as true believers in the benefits of marijuana we know that the socially responsible thing to do is keep pushing for comprehensive and truly effective policies that serve all patients.”

How many other vape pen companies made similar comments in New York at the time? (insert the sound of crickets) The first Puffco pen I acquired, which from what I understand was the only model at the time, was the Puffco Plus. It’s easily the nicest looking vape pen I have ever seen. It’s small and shiny, and kind of a dark charcoal grey color. I always get compliments on how cool it looks, and I always tell people it’s the vape pen that I think James Bond would use.

The Puffco Plus is basically like having a dab nail in your pocket. It’s not based off of a coil or a wick. The Puffco Plus has a ceramic chamber that heats up like a ceramic nail, and unlocks the flavor of your concentrates in ways never before thought imaginable from a vape pen. My first hit off of the Puffco pen reminded me why I started consuming concentrates in the first place. Every time I have let someone take a pull off of my Puffco Plus for the first time, the first thing they say after the exhale is something about how flavorful their hit was. To be fair, I have access to some of the best concentrates on the planet (lucky!), but the pen is what conveys the flavor. Anyone who has used a sub par pen knows that the pen itself can ruin the flavor in an instant. I don’t know about you, but I could go without ever having that burnt rubber type taste in my mouth ever again.

I also own the Puffco Pro 2, which came out fairly recently. It’s a bit smaller, and cheaper, but packs a punch. It is coiled based as opposed to the chamber model of the Puffco Plus. It doesn’t convey the flavor quite as much as the Puffco Plus, but it’s still superior to any coil based pen I have ever tried, by far. The pen provided the most monster hits I have ever seen out of a vape pen, and is one of the smallest too.

I had owned the Puffco Plus for a while and had no idea about the ‘sesh’ function. That’s what I get for not reading the instructions, right? My buddy Malik showed me that if you push the Puffco button two quick times, it keeps the pen heated for a longer time, making it easy to pass around in a session. The Puffco Pro 2 has the same feature. It makes it the easiest pen to use for the maximum output. If you are looking for a pen, and you want to support a company that is a good player in this industry (which I assure you is rare in the vape world), pick up a Puffco pen. Trust me, you will be glad you did. Either model is stellar. People ask me which one I like better, but I really don’t have a preference, as they both have their own benefits and DEFINITELY get the job done. They are the only non-cartridge pens that I use these days! I turned my cousin Kenjus onto the Puffco pens and he will tell you the same thing. #TheBest

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