Bubble Gum Cannabis Strain: Complete Review (2022)


It’s not easy to describe most aromas without using the name of whatever causes them.

What does “strawberry” smell like? Well, it smells like strawberries. The same goes for “chocolate,” “spoiled milk” and “poop” – they smell like chocolate, spoiled milk, and poop, respectively.

Another familiar scent – at least to anyone who’s ever been a kid – is “bubblegum.” You could say it’s “somewhat sweet” or “somewhat fruity,” but that doesn’t really capture the essence of the aroma. Bubblegum simply smells like bubblegum.

So does the bubblegum strain of weed. And it doesn’t just smell like that stuff you used to chew and chew and chew, at least until you were able to blow perfect bubbles. It tastes a lot like bubblegum, too.

Naturally, that’s not the primary reason to buy an eighth of bubblegum from your dealer or at your local dispensary. A much better reason is to enjoy the creative, relaxing high.

Bubblegum: The Quick Summary

BubbleGum Marijuana Bud on white background

Bubblegum is a hybrid strain that can lean either slightly Sativa or slightly Indica. It is relatively high in THC, with moderate-to-low CBD content. The high is best described as euphoric and relaxing, and it can often produce body lock. The taste and scent of this strain are complex, sweet, and enjoyable.

Genetics: From 60/40 Sativa to 60/40 Indica THC Content: 13-18%
Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Creative, Sleepy Medical Uses: Anxiety, Pain, Insomnia

Bubblegum: The Background

The bubblegum strain originated in Indiana, but it took several other growers to develop it into the strain that’s loved by so many users today. An early but “mature” version was cultivated in New England. However, the bubblegum that we now know was perfected in the Netherlands.

One Dutch company, Cerebral Seeds, ended up producing a version of the strain that leans Sativa. Another, T.H. Seeds, wound up creating with a bubblegum strain that leans Indica. And the latter was the version that took the world by storm in the mid-1990s, as it won multiple awards at High Times Cannabis Cup competitions.

Bubblegum wasn’t a flash in the pan. It was still winning awards in the 2000s, including first place in the 2005 Spannabis Cannabis Cup Championships. The strain isn’t quite as celebrated now as it was then, but it remains a perennial favorite.

Bubblegum: The Effects

The best description of the high normally induced by the bubblegum strain: enjoyable.

As a balanced hybrid, the experience is both cerebral and relaxing. For most users, it begins with an increase in creativity and focus, along with euphoria that is likely to boost mood and relieve stress. A short time later the Indica effects start to kick in, bringing on gentle relaxation which may progress to a moderate couch lock or even sleepiness. There’s enough Indica content to bring on the munchies, too.

Bubblegum may heighten mood and produce euphoria, but it’s best enjoyed in the evening for chill sessions with friends. If you’re going solo, evenings are also when the relaxation and body lock often associated with this strain won’t interfere with mental productivity – and may eventually bring on restful sleep.

This strain usually contains between 13% and 18% THC, although occasional samples have tested closer to 20%. There is only a minimal amount of CBD in bubblegum, well under 1%.

Bubblegum: The Flavor and Aroma

Weed connoisseurs are particularly fond of this strain, because of its complexity.

Bubblegum does taste very much like its namesake, with a mix of sweet and fruity (primarily berry) flavors. Those flavors are tempered, though, by a little bitterness that’s provided by notes of earthiness and spice.

The aroma of the bubblegum strain is much the same story. While you can definitely identify the “bubblegum smell,” there’s a lot more to it. You’ll probably notice spearmint, strawberry, and/or other fruit aromas, yet there are also fragrances reminiscent of spices like thyme or basil. It’s all “wrapped” in a somewhat-bitter, dank scent; this complex aroma enhances the entire experience of smoking bubblegum.

Bubblegum: Potential Medical Benefits

Aside from the enjoyable high, the most common use of this strain is for its ability to ease anxiety. It’s excellent for unwinding after a stressful day, but its mood-enhancing abilities also make it a worthwhile choice for those who regularly suffer from depression or anxiety issues.

The Sativa component of bubblegum weed can help people who have difficulty concentrating or focusing. The Indica effects of bubblegum, and the resultant couch-lock that often follows, make it quite effective in countering muscle, joint or whole-body pain. It’s a good way to deal with sleep disorders or insomnia, because of the sleepiness that follows once the Sativa effects have subsided, and it’s also able to help those who suffer from poor appetites.

Bubblegum: Possible Side Effects

There are no unusual side effects that have reported by those who’ve smoked bubblegum weed. You should anticipate the strong possibility of body lock or sleepiness that’s characteristically associated with this strain, and those new to pot may experience the usual dry mouth or lightheadedness. But this is not a strain that causes excess paranoia or other serious reactions.

Bubblegum: The Plant

This strain is fairly easy to grow, particularly since it has been cultivated for so long and has become quite stable. Both regular and feminized seeds can be purchased from TH Seeds and Serious Seeds (formerly Cerebral Seeds), two of the original cultivators, as well as many other seed banks. Bubblegum can also be bred with other strains.

The plant can be grown indoors or outdoors, reaches a very manageable height of 4-5 feet tall, and doesn’t grow particularly full. One important note: bubblegum is commonly affected by rot and mold so attention and careful cultivation is required. Humidity should also be kept low when possible; that makes indoor growing a bit more reliable for this strain unless your climate is warm and dry. The outdoor flowering time can range from 55-60 days with harvests traditionally ready in October, and the indoor flowering period is usually between 56-64 days.

A bubblegum harvest ordinarily produces 300-400 grams per square meter, although that can be increased to 500 or 550 grams per square meter with optimal cultivation methods such as the “Sea of Green” indoor practice of growing many small plants instead of a few large ones. A balanced macronutrient feeding regimen is recommended.

You won’t have to wait until the harvest to enjoy the sweet aroma of bubblegum; even the plants emit a pleasant scent as they grow.

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