What Are The Best Marijuana Life Hacks?

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One of my absolute favorite things about cannabis is the Macgyver-like ideas that cannabis consumers have come up with over the years to improve their consumption strategies. If you have a cannabis life hack that you think everyone should know about, and it’s not listed in this article, please leave a comment so that others can benefit from your expertise. Below are my favorite cannabis life hacks that I have learned over the years.

Apple pipe

The apple pipe was probably the first stoner life hack that I ever learned. As long as you have an apple and the knowledge of how to modify it, you will always have a pipe to smoke out of. The same concept works with all types of fruits and vegetables. Below is a guide of how to make an apple pipe, courtesy of a fellow Ent on Reddit trees:

apple pipe marijuana cannabis

A joint crutch

Making a crutch for a joint is another stoner hack that I was fortunate to learn fairly early in my consumption career. I have heard the concept called a number of things, including a paper roach clip. It was first introduced to me as being a ‘crutch’ so that’s what I call it.

A joint crutch essentially involves rolling up a small piece of paper and using it as a tip to the mouth-end of a joint. Crutches are standard on pre-rolls at dispensaries now, but it wasn’t as widely used decades ago. All joints should have crutches in my opinion since they help the airflow and makes your hands somewhat less stinky. Below is a rudimentary image of what I am talking about, via Reddit trees:

marijuana cannabis joint crutch

Calibrating scale with a nickel

When you acquire a new scale or are using a friend’s scale, it’s always important to know that it’s calibrated properly. Using an official weight is a great idea, but it’s not exactly common practice for someone to walk around with an official scale weight in their pocket.

A nickel weighs 5 grams and can be used to calibrate scales. Nickels are common, obviously not expensive, and are a low enough weight to be a useful standard to compare against. I have seen many scales that have weighed totally fine at 500 grams, but when it got to eighths it was off by a tenth of a gram or two. Obviously, if you want to calibrate at a higher gram amount, you can use multiple nickels.

Magnet on bong and lighter

If you have a problem with losing your lighter or friends stealing it, you can glue a small magnet to your bong (assuming you own one) and a small magnet to your lighter so that they are always connected in between use.

You will have to swap out the magnet on the battery when it runs out, but in theory that should be after thousands of lights and you seeing your lighter’s lifespan in its entirety, so it shouldn’t be too burdensome or expensive of a task.

Writing your name on a lighter

Writing your name on your lighter is a bit of a petty move, but anyone who has been left with no lighter and the followup required task of acquiring another one knows that it sucks. It’s not about the cost of the lighter, it’s much more about the inconvenience of having to get another one. Remain vigilant my friends. Those pesky cigarette smokers are everywhere, and their compulsive lighter grifting habits are strong. Remain vigilant.

Retractable cord with lighter

Another option for people that have a set smoking spot or a large enough bong is to get a retractable cord. If it’s attached to a table or to a bong, it keeps the lighter on a leash. Not only does that help mitigate the always-present plague of lighter theft, but it’s also super convenient since the lighter retracts back to it’s home after use.


A sploof is a homemade odor-minimizing device. All you need to make one is a toilet paper tube, a piece of fabric softener, and a rubber band. You can learn more about what a sploof is and how to make one at this link here.

Dice in kief box

For those that don’t know, a kief box is a device that helps separate the bulbs of trichomes from cannabis flower. The separated trichome bulbs are called kief, and it’s extremely potent and enjoyable to consume. Many people will use a coin to increase the rate at which kief is created, but dice work much better. Whereas a coin will just slide around under the flower, a dice or two will roll back and forth and crush up the flower very efficiently.

Solar smoking

The sun can be used as a lighter with a properly placed magnifying glass. Below is a video of the concept in action:

Cover jars with paper, duck tape

Mason jars and other glass jars are very popular for storing cannabis. Most are clear, which is a problem. Light exposure reduces the potency of cannabis flower, so you will want to wrap your clear glass jar in dark paper or something else that blocks the light.

Another good option is wrapping your glass jar in duct tape. Not only does it block the light from getting into the jar when stored, but it also makes cleanup much easier if/when you drop the glass jar and it breaks. It looks kind of ghetto, but it’s very practical if you value that attribute.

Debunking alert – using a vacuum and fabric to pick up dropped cannabis

There is a ‘tip’ that I see all over the internet that I feel needs to be addressed. It involves using a hose vacuum covered with a piece of cloth to pick up dropped cannabis off of the carpet. At first glance, the concept seems fairly effective. However, in practice, it usually just means that you get carpet fibers and who knows what else in your cannabis. Don’t believe the hype!


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