Washington State Cannabis Review: Legit Canna Farms

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Recently I had the chance to test products from a Southern Washington Farm and am more than happy to tell you about it. I even Live Streamed the beginning but found the audience too distracting from me experiencing the plant.

PhotoCredit: https://www.facebook.com/keokesilvanophotography/

Like A Good Neighbor, A Good Farmer Is There

One of the best things about being a marijuana advocate is that no matter who the person is they are not guilty, as long as the crime is just marijuana. The other thing is there is no bad weed, just bad farmers.

Plants consume everything around them. The food we eat, drink or smoke is not only a reflection of the soil, the air, the nutrients, etc… but also the farmer. Meet master grower Brian Purviance of Legit Canna Farms, who proves that marijuana is a gateway to success for persons of color, proving that ending prohibition is the gateway to national justice.

Brian believes in cannabis so much that he turned down a job with an 80k starter salary to pursue what was once a part-time job, growing. Growing served as Brian’s extra income during Washington State’s medical and his college years. Brian believes in the healing of properties of cannabis so much that he turned down a job aligned with his electronics engineering education and choose to be a farmer.

Brian brought the fruits of his labor to a tasting in the Central District of Seattle though the garden is located in Southern Washington. As an asthmatic, I can say this cannabis was grown to a medical grade, good enough for a patient. This is recreational marijuana grown with medical roots.

PhotoCredit: https://www.facebook.com/keokesilvanophotography/

Legit Canna farm prerolls are made with high-grade Futurola papers that don’t leave a burning taste or sensation, all you can taste is the plant mixed with bubble hash. Each preroll is made with whole bud (no shake, no leftovers, no bottom of the jar) and bubble hash unless you get the Gold series, they come with a dash of shatter as well. Each preroll provides a unique experience because they are made with different combinations of terpene and cannabinoids, consider them to be cannabinoid cocktails.

Lab Test vs. Taste Test

Most consumers of cannabis don’t have a complete understanding of the plant they’re consuming partially due to inconsistent testing methods (one lab can measure 26% THC another 16% but what is consistent and should be looked for is pesticides meant to kill and nutrients meant to stimulate) and the other due to you get what you can get on the street if you live in a prohibition state or time.

Organic methods to control the environment are always the best practice i.e ladybugs to kill the bad bugs and airflow that doesn’t allow mites and molds to settle. These are the methods use by Legit Canna and can be seen in the beautiful dense green bud I got to take apart with my fingers.

The purge is real. Towards the end of a plant’s life it should be purged and cured, this takes time and when it is done wrong affects the smoking experience. Legit Canna does it right, after the course of 3 days, I smoked every preroll and all the flower, not a single moment of irritation in the throat.

Brian brought me a wide range of products from low to high results for the THC content and none of them let me down. Instead of talking about terpenes and fruity notes, I would like to talk about the feelings this bud invoked.

As I opened the jar of Alaskan Thunderfuck, I was struck by 3 beautiful whole nugs. The nugs leaf was dark green covered with white trichomes. Parts of the bud stuck to my finger as I was breaking her apart, this was a well taken care of plant.

The first bowl was the best. I had a clean pipe for a pure taste and when I did, it reminded me of when I was 20 and when you called anything good red hair or fire, because there was no real way of knowing the origins

PhotoCredit: https://www.facebook.com/keokesilvanophotography/

As I took each drag it was pure plant and pure joy. Products like Legit Canna reminds one why we fight for our rights for the plant. For the freedom to grow and to understand her better. I would like to thank Brian and the folks at Legit Canna Farms for the opportunity to try your product and know you will have great success.

PhotoCredit: https://www.facebook.com/keokesilvanophotography/
PhotoCredit: https://www.facebook.com/keokesilvanophotography/


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