U.S. Congressional Delegation Heads to the ICBC in Berlin and Beyond


The International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin is poised to be a historical event for the German cannabis community, with potential positive impacts throughout Europe and the rest of the globe. Not only is the ICBC bringing together entrepreneurs and activists far and wide, but a delegation of U.S. congressional representatives will be making the trek to speak at the ICBC and discuss Drug War reform with European officials. I am proud to help organize the ICBC and am looking forward to speaking with U.S. and German officials as we can all compare notes as to progress that has been made around the world recently.

SFGate.com covered the announcement of the congressional delegation’s trip to the Berlin ICBC:

A bipartisan Congressional Delegation that includes New York Congressman Brian Higgins and California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher have scheduled a trip to Europe next week to study their various legal cannabis policies and regulatory systems, reports Marijuana Politics.

The delegation’s multi-country tour will be highlighted by a stop in Germany, where medical marijuana was legalized earlier this year. The congressmen are scheduled to speak at the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin.

The international cannabis business community is bracing for the onset of import/export and cross-border deals allowing countries with favorable federal legal standing to get a jump on countries such as the U.S., whose federal laws currently impede many such deals, along with medical research, which is the basis of many products and intellectual property.

The success of cannabis law reform in states and countries around the world greatly influences others to end failed Drug War policies. Just as Colorado and Washington impacted the legalization measures in Oregon, Alaska, who then added to the momentum to pass initiatives in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California, progress in Uruguay, Portugal, the Netherlands and Canada have influenced other countries like Germany. Now, Germany is moving ahead of other countries’ medical marijuana programs, implementing a policy that allows health insurance plans to cover patients’ cannabis.

Hopefully, our U.S. congressional delegation will be inspired to help implement good cannabis and Drug War reforms after their visit to the International Cannabis Business Conference. There’s still time to to join us at the ICBC in Berlin and add to the global momentum for sensible cannabis policies.

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