Today: Quarterly Cannabis Caucus Comes To NYC And Portland


The Quarterly Cannabis Caucus event series put on by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is rolling into Portland, Oregon and New York City tonight. The events are free to NCIA members, and have a low entry fee for non-members. There’s literally no hotter ticket in the marijuana industry than tickets to these caucuses because of the timely, localized information covered.

I like the Quarterly Cannabis Caucus events because there is so much going on in the areas that they are held. Oregon for instance has a ton going on right now. Industry hurdles are significant right now, and the upcoming legislative session is going to be jam packed with marijuana related activity. The City of Portland is considering measures to make a better environment for the industry to operate now that marijuana-friendly Mayor Ted Wheeler has taken office.

New York doesn’t have quite as much going on since there is not an adult-use market there, but that’s not to say that there isn’t a lot happening. New York, like many states, is taking a hard look at its marijuana laws after not one but two states legalized marijuana on the East Coast (Maine and Massachusetts). Anything is possible now in New York, and the stakes are as big as they get.

Of course, there is a lot happening at the federal level too, and changes in federal law (or the possibility thereof) is going to affect each state differently. That’s why the Quarterly Cannabis Caucus events are so great because they cover the information from a localized perspective, which is vital. A lot of events will cover stuff at a very high level but don’t get down into the weeds (no pun intended on this entire sentence).

I am currently suffering from a bad back and lack of functioning eye-glasses, but if I can get my back in order and the eye doctor can get my glasses ready, I will absolutely be at the Portland event. Fingers crossed and hope to see you there! You can find out more about the Quarterly Cannabis Caucus event series at this link here.

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