The Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair Is Oregon’s Time To Shine


Last year I attended the first ever Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair. It was a truly historic event, with live cannabis plants being displayed at the Oregon State Fairgrounds for the first time in Oregon’s history. Having grown up attending the Oregon State Fair virtually every year, it was a very inspirational event for me to see unfold before my very eyes. The event itself took place a little bit before the State Fair, with the winning plants being on display throughout the Oregon State Fair.

It was really fun to see all of the plant entries, and the variety of all the types of plants that growers brought in. Some were huge bushes, some were tall and lanky, some were short and squatty, and just several that were in between. The event is back this year for another installment, and a limited number of entries are being accepted. This event is about more than just bragging rights in Oregon, it’s also the time for Oregon growers to show their grows to the world. The last event drew international coverage, with pictures of the winning plants going viral.

If you are an Oregon grower that wants to display your best plant, you should enter the competition. Only a limited number of slots are available, and once they are gone, they are gone, so make sure to enter asap (you can do so at this link here). Below is more information about the event via Facebook:

We are bringing back the Oregon Cannabis Growers’ & Consumers’ Fair and the plant competition! Over 60 Grows will be showcasing their “Live” Cannabis plants. The top winners will have the opportunity to have their plants represented at the Oregon State Fair the following week.

We are bringing together the industry under one roof to learn from “master growers” share ideas, new technology, review rules and regulations, learn about testing and much more. This is a new and “budding” industry that is GROWING at rapid speed.

Saturday, August 12th – B2B Day, 10am – 5pm – Plant contest winners will be announced at 4:20pm.

Sunday, August 13th – B2C Day, 10am – 4pm – Concert 4pm – 7pm at LB Day Ampitheater

Save money and register online, each day is $18. Tickets will be available at the door for $20.

Join us for a concert after the show closes on Sunday! Pre-registered concert tickets are $25. Tickets will be available at the door for $35.
Information available at

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