The Cannabis Health Challenge


The Cannabis Health Challenge is a 10 day event created by Green Flower Media focused on helping you use cannabis to improve your health, happiness and well-being. Each day for 10 days during the Cannabis Health Challenge (started Saturday, January 14th), Green Flower Media provides a short video as a guide on how to consume cannabis responsibly prior to fitness and then engage in 3 health and wellness enhancing activities. Cannabis and Fitness: move your body and get the blood flowing. Cannabis and Food: eat healthy-better foods and drink more water. Cannabis and Reflection: spend time designing your better life.

Green Flower Media is one of the top educational resources in the cannabis industry today comprised of cannabis industry experts providing the best information possible. Green Flower has a mission to help all cannabis consumers learn everything about cannabis today. This enables Green Flower Media to provide the cannabis community with the world’s top cannabis experts, help them package their knowledge into courses that are easy to understand, classes, videos, and articles. So if you are one who is interested in using cannabis as medicine, starting your own cannabis business, being a better activist, or wanting to learn on growing your own cannabis at home, Green Flower Media has that all covered and is easily accessible from home.

The 10 day health challenge is a first-of-its-kind online challenge to prove to yourself and others that Cannabis can truly improve a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  The Cannabis Health Challenge brings together the key components of health and wellness. Complete health and wellness is the state reached through the optimization of life in all aspects – social, mental, spiritual and physical. This dynamic condition strives for a positive health base and has goals based on performance to improve functional capacity, the ability perform work from a medical, behavioral, physical, and ergonomic perspective.  The teachings by Green Flower not only have the educational component, they also help you to know yourself with cannabis.

The Cannabis Health Challenge model will improve your life in more ways than one. Cannabis  makes working out easier and more fun. One of the biggest challenges in starting a fitness routine is that first day, and with cannabis you’ll find yourself getting in better shape and actually enjoying your workouts. Cannabis makes food taste better, and adds to even healthy food choices. So it will be easier and more enjoyable for you to eat better foods that improve your energy and mental clarity. In addition to having the benefits of a healthy diet that will compliment cannabis use and improve how the cannabis works in the body with healthy eating choices. Cannabis helps open your mind to new ways of looking at yourself and the world that you are part of. Using cannabis and spending time in reflection will help you create a better life for yourself.  The health challenge has a great social component too, and doing this challenge as a community will give you accountability and support we all need to see it through.

For the event, Green Flower Media will give you exact guidance on how to use cannabis in the safest, healthiest, and most effective way, plus they give a daily video to walk you step-by-step through how to win the daily challenges. You do not need any fancy gym equipment or accessories, and you can use any type of cannabis available to you (though we will give you specific suggestions for you if you have access to more cannabis options). The commitment will be to allow about 20-30 minutes each day where you can responsibly consume cannabis and participate in the 3 activities- fitness, food, and reflection. The Cannabis Health Challenge is available anytime for you to join in on a path to a healthier and happier life with cannabis.

Who ELSE is taking the Cannabis Health Challenge?

Here’s a recap of my first day in The Cannabis Health Challenge.

For my cannabis consumption prior to starting the challenge, I dosed with a everclear extracted hash oil that was sativa dominant, THC 40% / CBD 20% using my Nectar Collector. My day one fitness challenge approach was train for training. The great thing with the 10 day challenge, and we’ll all see, as days 4-5-6 are when we’ll feel it. And getting through those ten days can launch us into a new realm of fitness and wellness. I started with a light warm up jumping rope to get the blood flowing for 3 minutes. As with the body and starting a fitness challenge or any new routine, the first phase is building that endurance factor. That’s the base thats leads to strength and power in a fitness routine. Following the jump rope, I moved to 5 minutes of basic light stretching that focused on large or multiple muscle groups. Then into doing 5 sets of burpee’s (as many reps till one is exhausted but not pushing to over do it), Push-up at 5 sets till exhaustion and 5 sets of standard sit ups till exhaustion. I record reps for each set with each exercise or time and that provides a motivational factor to achieve one more rep each day. I try to keep my daily water intake at 60 to 80 fluid ounces per day. For my food portion of the challenge, I prepared a spicy asian style dish with fresh chicken, steamed white rice, fresh sweet mini peppers (great source of Vitamin A / Vitamin C & potassium), and chopped onions. For Self-Reflection my 5 aspects of life I am grateful (aside from Jerry) for are : Family (the four legged ones too), Life, Activism/Advocacy, Cannabis, and the  Creative Arts (writing, painting, reading, music – growing cannabis is a creative art).

“As you think, so shall you become.”  -Bruce Lee

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