The Cannabis Business Summit Is Taking Place At Warriors’ Practice Site


The end of Spring is my favorite time of year. Part of that is because it’s when my birthday takes place, but also because it’s when the NBA finals occur. Basketball has always been my favorite sport, and I have been watching the NBA finals for as long as I can remember. This year’s finals has had it’s own ‘cannabis moment’ with the smell of cannabis reportedly being present in one of the team’s locker rooms at the end of game 2. Sports media went crazy, as if the smell of cannabis virtually anywhere in California is a big deal in 2017. It could have just as easily been arena staff or a member of the media as it could have been a player. After all, it’s California.

Cannabis and the NBA finals made rounds in sports media today as well, with sports media discovering that the Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association, is taking place at the hotel that the Golden State Warriors use for their practices and apparently even some team offices. Sporting News had the following excerpts to say about NBA players being seen at the hotel where the Summit is taking place:

After the team failed to sweep the Cavaliers in Game 4 of the NBA finals, the Warriors will head home, only to find the hotel they normally use is hosting a huge cannabis convention.

The convention will feature fomer (sic) Mexican president Vincente Fox, who has been an advocate for cannabis legalization for years.

Hopefully the convention won’t be too much of a distraction for Golden State, which is looking to seek revenge on Cleveland and take back the NBA title.

I don’t think there is any reason to believe that the players will be distracted by the Summit, although hopefully some of the players get educated a little bit about the cannabis industry and reform movement. Seeing pictures, such as the one below (pardon the blur), of Lebron James walking past an event sign is really cool, and a true sign of the times of how far the cannabis industry has come:

(image via Twitter)

A very limited amount of tickets are still available for the Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, which starts tomorrow in Oakland and goes through Wednesday. The Summit is going to have industry tours, world class panels, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Get your tickets while you still can!

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