The B-Side Non-Movie Review: Star Leaf

Looking for something to watch while you’re smoking that next bowl? I recommend Star Leaf. A campy, tongue-in-cheek sci-fi thriller about an Afghanistan war vet and his girl who take his still active duty friend on a quest for the legendary StarLeaf strain. Filmed in Washington State, StarLeaf is the marijuana Toxic Avenger. If you’re familiar with the low budget sci-fi film genre, one of the actors will stand out to you that’s Russell Hodgkinson.


The film is the brainchild of Richard Cranor. Richard Cranor, the writer/ director also plays Ranger Dave in the movie. I met Richard when I was getting Clemency Letters signed, at The NW Cannabis Classic in 2015, for pot prisoners and for that I think that’s enough to support his film but to be honest, it did make me laugh and smile. The ex-military character reminded me of many guys I knew once they got out of the Navy, it was easy for me to identify with the movie.

Since its release, Star Leaf has gained a following from Washington State to Germany. So, if you like supporting the arts and are getting ready to have a session put on Star Leaf and prepare to get slightly stupid for an hour and seventeen minutes.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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