Systematic Racism Meet Reefer Madness


The bullshit meter is pegged on this one. There are many levels of fucked up with the billboard that was in Yakima, Washington. A billboard aimed at Hispanic youth because they’re cool already, according to the billboard; the amount of stupid and ignorance here is overwhelming.

In an MSM article, the Washington’s Department of Health blames a group of selected youths for this debacle, there is no responsibility taken, even though an authority figure, an adult had to approve this. Billboard-gate is an example of the America that has a long way to go. The thing is, just because it’s not perfect, doesn’t mean it’s not great but we can be better.

I’ve had enough of the reefer madness propaganda bullshit coming from the department of Health in my State; it’s like they’re not even trying to educate, it’s all just fear mongering. It took me a while to come out with this one because I didn’t want to come off as another angry colored SJW but as an angry American.

Talking about prohibition is wearing on the soul. An emotional task because you’re talking about people still serving time, children being hurt not by the plant but by the law in America; all things prohibition hurt your heart while attacking the logic centers of your mind.

America is Red, White, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Penis and No penis

Reinforcement of racial divisions bothers me in my 2017 America, people thinking that children born from parents of illegal immigrant status don’t consider themselves American is just plain ignorant.

Part of I502 deems that a percentage of the tax funds go to the Department of Health for “cannabis education and prevention (which I find offensive).”So far every year a million dollars or so has been given to The Washington Department of Health, only to have produced a billboard and some shitty advertisements on public transportation instigating reefer madness.

Reefer madness is the shit that has brought us (The American population) to a state of racial discord in the first place, the only reasons other countries have Reefer Madness is due to the 1961 U.N Nations Drug Convention, instigated by The United States of America.

This is that bullshit that fuels social justice warrior assholes like the kids in Evergreen State (Yeah, I don’t agree with that crap).

It’s hard to pinpoint one true feeling here because I’m sure if I’m more mad that this billboard is a form of ignorant racism, by that I mean an advertisement geared towards a specific skin toned demographic by thinking they are naive and easily convinced of what is cool. Or that when it comes to cannabis, the Department of Health would rather exist on the safe side and promote reefer madness instead of informing the public.

Children of color are not your audience Department of Health, American children, American youth are, what convinced you when you were 16?
I question the money given to an entity that is not doing the public service any good and wonder where’s the rest of the money and who is living large due to a stipulation and not out of concern for the populace.

Racial disparity and What Not

Shit like this is always going to happen, as long as we’re able to put a human being behind bars for growing or even being part of the distribution of a plant. One day when a person sees a person smoking in public as if it was a cigarette, they won’t think couch locked stoner or thug, instead, maybe they’ll think architect or lawyer.

Maybe one day America will move forward by getting rid of one of the last vestibules of hate and ignorance by ending the drug war.

I would like to put this out there to the Washington State Department of Health. Reach out and work with me or at least let me direct you to people who take cannabis and health serious, together we can educate while pulling Washington out of 1950.

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