Social Consumption Could Be A Reality In Denver By July

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On Election Day 2016 voters in Denver approved I-300 which called for allowing marijuana consumption at public venues. Before on-site consumption could begin businesses would need to get prior approval from the local neighborhood, and would have to abide by some other rules. Unfortunately one of those rules is that the place can’t have a liquor license. For Oregonians like myself, I had a feeling that would pop up as it did here in Oregon when High Times was trying to host a Cannabis Cup. The Cup never happened because it got black listed by every venue that could hold any amount of significant people in Oregon.

It sounds like there are some potential solutions to that issue in Denver’s model, with some venues like restaurants holding a ‘marijuana night’ where alcohol would not be served. It seems safe to say that serving alcohol and allowing cannabis on site simultaneously will not be something that will be allowed in a post social use legalization world. At least not for now. But that still provides for many other business models that can be built around social use. I have been shouting across the blogosphere for years now encouraging someone to open up a cannabis coin-op arcade. Would it be a smashing success? I do not know. But would I literally plan family vacations around visiting such a place? Guaranteed.

From what it sounds like the draft rules will be out later this month, which will be followed by a public meeting the month after that. Below is more info, per Denverite:

The committee tasked with shaping Initiative 300’s roll-out met for the final time last week. Now Denver officials can hash out the details of where people can consume cannabis throughout the city — and we already have a good idea of what’s up for discussion.

A draft set of rules for social consumption areas is expected to be released by April 25. Before they’re finalized, people will be able to weigh in May 25 at a public hearing, according to Denver Excise and Licenses.

The department responsible for licensing Denver’s pot shops hopes to start approving businesses to open social consumption areas as early as July.

Similar efforts are underway in at least Oregon, if not other legal states for social consumption. Social consumption is part of the ‘second phase of legalization.’ Being able to possess, consume, and cultivate cannabis is the first part of legalization, but that doesn’t mean that the battle ends. Until cannabis consumption is on the same level in society as alcohol, it will never fully be legalized. Hopefully the rollout in Denver goes smoothly so that other parts of America can build off of their model. I’m curious to see what types of business models pop up. I expect people to get quite creative!

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