Silverback Music Makes A Record Out Of Bubble Hash


I am one of many Americans that still listens to vinyl records. I haven’t purchased one in a few years, but I do love my vinyl collection and still intend on purchasing vinyl records for many years to come. A lot of people don’t realize that vinyl records are still being produced, albeit not nearly as much as they were decades ago.

An oversimplification of vinyl record technology is that vinyl records are pressed with grooves and when a record player needle runs across the grooves, it creates vibrations that are then turned into killer tunes (unless your vinyl collection sucks!). The theory behind that technology can be applied to things that aren’t made out of vinyl. Vinyl is just used because it works really well at capturing audio and ‘working with’ a record stylus to reproduce that audio.

At its simplest form, the technology is based off of vibrations creating grooves on something (not bass grooves, physical grooves). That has led to people over the years trying to press records out of all types of substances. This week news broke that a company called Silverback Music has been trying to press records made out of bubble hash. Below is a video about it from Billboard (sorry about the condescending tone of the Billboard guy, he apparently isn’t down with the jazz cabbage):

I don’t expect there to ever be commercially available hash records. I’d imagine this will turn into a service in which musicians that want to have a really cool hash record pressed can do so via Silverback Music. If I were Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, or even a medium-ly successful stoner banjo player, this would be really appealing to me. What do readers think? It sounds like the record doesn’t play that well, so it’s largely a novelty, but I still think it’s cool. Thoughts?

image via Billboard

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