Seed To Sale Show To Discuss Latest Cannabis Cultivation Techniques And Technology

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Anyone who has cultivated cannabis knows that it is not easy as easy as a lot of people think it is. Many people throughout history have perpetuated the false assumption that cannabis just ‘grows like a weed’ and that it just takes some dirt and water to produce a world-class harvest. In reality, cultivating cannabis involves a lot of hard work when done properly, as well as a never-ending search for more knowledge.

When someone is cultivating cannabis on a large scale, the situation becomes even more complicated. It’s hard enough to grow a handful of outstanding plants, but scaling up a garden to cultivate hundreds or thousands of plants is much more difficult and requires a certain strategy and skill set, especially when doing so with financial responsibility in mind.

The cultivation sector of the cannabis industry is becoming more competitive every year. In Oregon alone, regulators have received over 2,047 applications from entities who wish to cultivate cannabis for the adult use market. That number does not include registered medical cannabis gardens and personal gardens.

Competition is fierce, and the cultivation sector is only going to get more crowded in the future. Simply having sparkly harvests that put off a pleasant aroma is not enough to ensure success as a cannabis producer. These days cannabis growers need to not only put out the best flower possible to meet consumer demand, they also need to do so in a way that is profitable.

The latest and greatest cultivation technologies and techniques will be on display at the Seed to Sale Show hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association. The Seed to Sale Show, which will take place February 7-8 in Denver, features a cultivation education track that will include presentations by the top innovators and thinkers in the cannabis cultivation sector. Presentation topics and speakers will include:

Organic Fertilizers: Options and Recommendations for Successful Use
Session Host: Shawna Weiman, Cultivation Specialist, Point Seven Group
Brian Gardner, Director of Research and Development, Sustane Natural Fertilizer

How Silicon Valley Technologies are Making Cannabis More Efficient, Profitable, and Compliant
Session Host: Jeannette Ward, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, MJ Freeway
J. Chandler, Executive Vice President of Cultivation Technologies, urban-gro, Inc.
Joshua Laterman, Founder & CEO, National Association of Cannabis Businesses
Atul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder, Edyza

Sustainable Best Practices for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation
Session Host: Brandy Keen, Co-founder and Technical Advisor, Surna, Inc.
Catherine Drumheller, Founder and Principal, Oak Services, LLC
Nick Hice, Co-Founder, Denver Relief Consulting
Emily Backus, Sustainability Advisor, City & County of Denver

Energy Use and Efficient Practices for Growers, Investors, and Policy-makers
Session Host: Sunny Kaercher, Business Development & Sales, Miller Soils, LLC
Jacob Policzer, President, The Cannabis Conservancy
Josh Malman, Grow Operations Manager, The Clinic

The Impact of Genetics & Production Methodology on Product Consistency
Session Host: Erin Geegan-Sharp, Principal, Zam Energy, LLC
James R. Ott, CEO, Precision Cultivation Company, Ltd
Dr. Grant Orvis, Genetic Development Director, CFH, Ltd

Cultivating a Quality Driven Cannabis Customer Experience
Session Host: Peter Maher, Executive Director of Sales, Growcentia
Amy Tancig-Andrle, Co-Owner, L’Eagle Services

In addition to the presentations and speakers above, the event will feature a number of exhibitors that will be displaying their latest cannabis cultivation products and services. With over 3,000 people expected to attend the event, there will be the opportunity to network with other people who can help your cultivation business in one way or another.

For someone to succeed these days as a cannabis cultivator in the industry, it takes producing quality cannabis in a way that maximizes every input that goes into a commercial garden. Every penny counts as cannabis growers everywhere continue to try to drive down the cost associated with their crops.

Attend the Seed to Sale Show in order to get the edge that you need to stay ahead of the competition. Make sure to get your tickets to the Seed to Sale Show as soon as possible before they are sold out!

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