Seattle Hempfest: The Safe Space That Is Still Relevant


Even though 8 States have said “we support marijuana legalization” and are better for it, doesn’t mean legalization is here. People’s lives are still at risk, families are still being torn apart; all Americans which means America suffers for it.

Seattle Hempfest is still relevant and will be for a long time. It’s is a prohibitionist worse fear; A time and place where 200 plus thousand people gather for three days in the name of cannabis and to end public ignorance, where said 200 plus thousand people consume and contribute to a local economy, all none violently, in public without fear of arrest.

Marijuana is legal, why should I give a fuck? Is not an excuse, just because we had a black President doesn’t mean racism is over and just because I’m not 100% paranoid in my state it’s not the same way across the whole United States of America. Real people’s lives are at stake; marijuana legalization is deadly serious.

Seattle Hempfest is still relevant because a man (James Romans) just got his life sentence reduced to 18 years while many others still sit behind bars, not waiting to get out but to die because hope comes and goes.

Many will argue that Seattle Hempfest has become more commercialized and not the same as it was but it’s not cheap to rent a 1.25 mile stretch of park. Also, I do not begrudge anyone who makes a living from a plant just like I’m not mad at people being rich off viagra.

During this current administration with the current Attorney General, Seattle Hempfest is more relevant and important than ever. The momentum of a festival, where the police are helpful and don’t target their fellow Americans as criminals over a plant, keeps reaching across the nation. A place where one can point to and say “Look there’s a time and place when over 200 thousand people gather and consume cannabis all day, and nothing bad happens related to the plant. If this was Octoberfest though, guaranteed a fist fight or two and maybe a stabbing but not at Seattle Hempfest.”

Seattle Hempfest is the social experiment that has proven so many wrong and what can be right for our country. This organization is built on the backs of volunteers, and much needed donations. Please, if you attend Seattle Hempfest this year to drop a buck or two in the box as you walk in.

Seattle Hempfest occurs on August 18th, 19th, and 20th of this year and is more important than ever as raids occur in Michigan and babies are taken from their homes in places like Kansas. Seattle Hempfest proves that consumers and non-consumers can live peacefully without the zombie apocalypse. It is through Hempfest that I hope the world sees more things like the police playing hacky sack with a bunch of kids instead of detaining them or worse.

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