Report: Hollywood Sign Changed To ‘Hollyweed’


A little over a month ago I went with my family to California on a road trip. We did a lot of typical tourist stuff, including stopping by to look at the Hollywood sign. We went to Lake Hollywood Park which provides a great view of the sign, and is a fun place to take your family and hangout. While we were there I was telling my grandma about how on January 1, 1976 that someone changed the sign from ‘Hollywood’ to ‘Hollyweed.’

It appears that history may have repeated itself, as there are multiple reports out of Hollywood stating that the sign has been changed again. Per ABC 7:

Hollywood residents awoke Sunday morning to find the iconic Hollywood sign had been altered to read “HOLLYWeeD” in an apparent New Year’s Eve prank.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division said the agency was aware of the vandalism and a unit was dispatched to Mount Lee to investigate.

The LAPD also notified the city’s Department of General Services, whose officers patrol Griffith Park and the area near the sign.

If this is true, it’s a pretty epic prank. Getting up to the sign is not that easy these days, and the letters are massive. To change two of the letters to would be tough. I was skeptical at first because of how easy it is to photoshop images, but it sounds like the Los Angeles Police Department is treating it as a legit vandalism case, so I will go with it for now. It sounds like a developing story, and if there’s any new info about the incident we will make sure to either post about it, or update this article.

image via ABC 7

  1. Byrond2 says

    Now change it to Hollypeed and then contemplate how strange Hollywood sounds now that you know that Holly peed. Or not strange. But unexpected perhaps.

  2. Jorge Cervantes says

    The first news article I read in Spain New Year’s morning was the Hollyweed article. We all had a good laugh here and my first thought was I would turn myself in because if I did it I’d be really proud and the fine would be worth it.
    I salute history repeating itself and the merry pranksters that have the balls to give us a good laugh.

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