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It’s been a busy week for America’s internet troll Sweetheart, Miggy420. I’ve been working on several other articles, but this is the one I had to get out first, to talk about one of the most fucked up things I’ve seen this week besides the people sitting in jail for a plant.

Chronic Clickbait

As marijuana becomes a multi-billion dollar industry, farmers and shovel suppliers are not the only ones who will flourish. So will media companies and other arbitrary things that choose to associate itself with the plant. Some media outlets are backed by corporations with investor interests at heart and others are supported by just a couple of guys trying to change the world.

Here at Weed News, you’re able to discern the facts and opinions in our articles. We work hard to bring you the political facts, cultures truths, and our opinions. We are all passionate American activists who have held a digital and real life presence in the name of a saner America.

No one here is paying their bills via weed; we maintain our daytime jobs proving “Yes, you can be a cannabis consumer and productive in society” but ideally I will quit mine one day, just to write for you some more.

I reach around 100k of marijuana people in a week, that’s 100 thousand people I’m responsible for giving informative information to, and I have yet to figure how to monetize on it. I worry about the big picture; there is no fat lady at the end of this, just no prison. I write about people and tactics to fight prohibition but the stuff I’m about to tell you only creates a fake news, propaganda status, disinformation environment that has no end game.

It saddens me that someone who owns a cannabis platform with a lot of followers would choose to insinuate that a marijuana activist was killed due to a mafia style hit while at the end of the article imply he is still alive and that the Gofundme a grieving community has created is misrepresenting itself. I’m speaking of an article published in CannaSOS by Jonathan Fruchter of

It’s one thing to write a shitty article, but it’s another to post it repeatedly on a deadman’s last post for it to be seen for clicks. A page that no one has control over, where loved ones visit to mourn.

Shame on you Jonathan for being garbage and shame on anyone supporting or liking these sites that serve no purpose but to be click bait and not part of the actual legalization conversation or movement. Next, I would like to point something out that you can do at home to help propagate the cannabis conversation.

Support Medical Marijuana In Utah With A Selfie

Each of these could have probably been an article in themselves but since prohibitionist and police don’t take a break, nor will I. I’m not a big fan of Snapchat, but I like that Facebook has added filters and other things to add to your picture. Last month Grateful Dead themed frames came about, and I thought we (the canna consumer) were making significant progress with that but since Memorial Day multiple pro-military frames popped up and one of them is to show the Utah Medical Marijuana Veterans support. Take a picture with it and show your support. The more individuals that take a picture supporting medical marijuana in Utah, the more pressure Utah will feel to jump into the 21st Century. I took two pictures to show you the frames you’re looking for.

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