Pennsylvania School Board Backs Marijuana Facility, Citing Economic Development Benefits


When it comes to marijuana policy in America, the times are changing. The same can be said about support for the marijuana industry. A great example would be the recent expressed support for the construction of a marijuana facility from a school Board in Pennsylvania. For many, many years marijuana reform opponents have gone to the ‘what about the children’ talking point early and often. That’s going to be harder to do, at least in Pennsylvania after this recent endorsement. Per Herald Mail Media:

The Waynesboro Area School Board this week finalized a letter of support for a proposed medical marijuana growing and processing facility, saying the district appreciates the economic development that could come with the project in Wharf Road Industrial Park.

The school board noted that it supports the industrial growth, but will not take a position on the potential benefits of marijuana for medical conditions.

To be clear, the Waynesboro Area School Board is in no way endorsing the use of marijuana, even for medical purposes. Officials made that very clear in their comments in the previously cited article, as well as in quotes in media coverage leading up to the endorsement. But it’s still a significant endorsement, in that school officials recognize that not only is marijuana not harmful by default (it can be medicine per some of the Board’s comments), but that there is no harm in a licensed, regulated, legal marijuana business setting up shop in their district.

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