Oregon Legislature Should Pass House Bill 2198


House Bill 2198 is an important bill that will help Oregon continue to be a pioneer in implementing sensible cannabis laws that help patients, create jobs and generate revenue. HB 2198 establishes an Oregon Cannabis Commission that will report directly to the Oregon Legislature, helping the state adapt to the needs of Oregon’s sick and disabled medical cannabis patients. Additionally, the bill will allow some medical marijuana farmers access to the licensed, regulated and taxed recreational market (if they so choose).

Bringing medical marijuana into the regulated recreational system will help compassionate growers provide for patients while reducing the costs of cannabis to patients and consumers. Bringing more marijuana into the regulated system will create jobs, generate revenue and help Oregon keep Attorney General Jeff Sessions from interfering with Oregon’s cannabis laws. If you live in Oregon, you can find your legislators HERE; simply urge them to vote “YES” on House Bill 2198.

Below is an action alert that I sent out on behalf of New Approach Oregon, the political action committee responsible for the Oregon Measure 91 legalization law:

Help patients, small farmers and the entire state by urging legislators to vote “YES” on House Bill 2198.

Things are moving fast at the Oregon Legislature and both the House and Senate will soon vote on House Bill 2198. Please take a moment to email or call your state legislators to urge them to vote “YES” on this sensible bill. New Approach Oregon is proud to join Compassionate Oregon, the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association, the Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild and many other medical and legalization supporters in endorsing HB 2198.

First of all, House Bill 2198 will establish an Oregon Cannabis Commission that will help the state more effectively adapt to the needs of sick and disabled patients. Additionally, HB 2198 will allow some existing medical marijuana providers to access the licensed and regulated OLCC system. Allowing medical growers access to the recreational market will help compassionate small farmers continue to provide for their patients while creating more jobs and tax revenue for the state.

Finally, HB 2198 will help keep Attorney General Jeff Sessions from trampling the will of Oregon voters as more marijuana farmers brought into the regulated system will help reduce cannabis sold on the illicit market, a key issue for the federal government.

House Bill 2198 is truly a win-win proposal that will benefit medical patients, consumers, small farmers, mom-and-pop businesses, the cannabis industry as a whole, and the entire state of Oregon. Oregon’s cannabis system has already helped thousands of patients, created more than 12,000 jobs and generated more than $75 million in revenue. HB 2198 will only make our marijuana programs more successful.

Your message to your legislators should be short and sweet. Merely request a “YES” vote on House Bill 2198 as it is good for patients, Oregon businesses, and our entire state. You can find your legislators by following this link. 

Thank you,

Anthony Johnson
Director, New Approach Oregon

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