Oregon Health Authority Issues First Medical Marijuana Processor License

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The Oregon Health Authority recently sent out a reminder that Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries would need to stop selling recreational marijuana starting January 1st. Recreational regulation and enforcement is going to transition to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) also issued a memo stating that the deadline to obtain a medical marijuana processor license would be extended thru March 31, 2017 for people that applied prior to October 1, 2016. Below is language from an OHA Statement of Need and Justification, per Oregon Cannabis Connection:

“Under the current rules, in order for dispensaries to accept cannabinoid concentrates, extracts and products from processors, the processors had to be registered by January 1, 2017. At the time of this filing there were no registered processors. OHA is adopting temporary rules to amend Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 333-008-1200 and 333-008 -1230 to permit a registered dispensary to continue to accept cannabinoid concentrates, extracts and products from a processor applicant who applied on or before October 1, 2016, but who has not yet been registered. On and after April 1, 2017, registered dispensaries will only be able to accept cannabinoid concentrates, extracts and products from an OHA registered processor.”

“In addition, OAR 333-008-9910 is being adopted to make it clear that those processors that applied for a registration on or before October 1, 2016 may continue operating, though they must operate in accordance with rules applicable to processors. A processor who applied after October 1, 2016, may not operate unless the application is approved for registration.”

Oregon Cannabis Connection (OCC) always does an amazing job of covering cannabis news and I encourage Weed News readers to check them out. As OCC points out in the previously linked to article, ‘This is a smart move for the supply chain to be able to continue, but the “management-by-memo” style the OHA continues to implement is not effective and a poor way to manage such a tenuous industry.’

The OHA language supplied above seems to overlook one big fact – there actually has been a processor license issued. The date of the OHA extension memo was December 23, 2016. I happen to know that a company in Portland, Farmer’s Friend Extracts, received approval for a processor license on December 20, 2016. As far as I know (and per the inspectors from OHA) it’s the first and only license issued so far, which is why I think OHA overlooked it in their memo. I called OHA for clarification late yesterday, but wasn’t able to get an answer (holidays I suppose). Below is a picture of the license that was issued:

Farmer’s Friend Extracts are my favorite vape pen cartridge company that’s out there. Part of that is because their oil is so flavorful, but also too because the cartridges they use are plastic-free and superior in quality. I have acquired their cartridges on a few occasions now and have been impressed every time. Those are not things I can say about any other vape pen cartridge maker that is out there, and is why I was so happy to learn that they were the first to receive a license. It’s a very deserving company.


The OHA licensing process involves various endorsements, and Farmer’s Friend Extracts obtained all five. This includes the edibles endorsement, which required Oregon Department of Agriculture certification. Farmer’s Friend is largely focused on producing pure cannabis oil vape cartridges, without fillers or additives, but they’re also about to introduce a line of high-THC and high-CBD capsules, a topical ointment, a hard candies edibles line, and a line of elixirs.

“The application process was frustrating at times, to say the least, but largely from a local (PDX) code-compliance standpoint. The City of Portland is easily the most difficult (and expensive) jurisdiction in which to obtain a processing registration in the State of Oregon. But all in all we found OHA itself to be responsive, transparent, and extremely helpful.” said Peter Racht, CEO of Farmer’s Friend Extracts.

“Being first in the State is something that wasn’t even on our radar, but goes well beyond any of our expectations. We have always been dedicated to providing medical-grade products to the patients of Oregon. We’re happy to fulfill the needs of patients, and will continue to do so as long as possible.” Peter went on to say. Look for Farmer’s Friend products on dispensary shelves near you. I know I will be!


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