Oregon Action Alert: Legislation Pending To Permit Social Use


I have made it very clear that I want to see Oregon allow social cannabis consumption, and specifically at a co-op arcade that I can consume cannabis at. Allowing social consumption would do wonders for Oregon’s cannabis industry, and would help limit selective enforcement of public cannabis consumption laws in Oregon. NORML put out an action alert urging people to contact their Oregon legislators. Below is more information. Please step up and do your part:

Legislation has been introduced in Oregon, SB 307, which would create a regulatory framework that would allow adults to consume marijuana in a regulated, social setting.

The bill is modest and requires approval from local government officials while limiting consumption to outdoor locations.

Importantly, it provides a safe, regulated alternative to parks, sidewalks, and alleys, where consumers may end up, even when prohibited by law.

Click this link here to use NORML’s action tool to send an e-mail to your Oregon Legislator urging them to support this sensible bill.

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