New Memoir: Secret Marijuana Secretly Grown at Kennedy Home


A new book claims that the Kennedys had marijuana growing at their famous Hyannis Port, MA, estate. The new book, Jackie’s Girl: My Life with the Kennedy Family, is a memoir written by the former first lady Jackie Kennedy’s assistant.

Kathy McKeon, who was employed from 1964 to 1977, explain the details in the book of how the marijuana was grown in the flower garden on the large compound. She writes in the book that the teenaged Kennedy cousins of Jackie would regularly go out to the flower garden, which didn’t make sense to her.

On one occasion she decided to check out the garden once the teens had departed. She at first didn’t find anything amiss, but that changed. The New York Daily News reported:

“I went to investigate after the kids wandered off one afternoon but didn’t see any evidence that they’d been back there sneaking beers or cigarettes or anything like that. The flowers hadn’t been trampled.”

After eliminating booze and tobacco, McKeon’s curiosity persisted. And then …

“That’s when it hit me. I went to find Jack Dempsey, the retired Cape [COD]police chief who often hung out at the Secret Service trailer.”

Dempsey did confirm that it was cannabis. McKeon immediately told Jackie who was apparently mortified and worried that the news might reach the public. Jackie’s response was, “Are you kidding me? Oh my God, this can’t get out. What should we do?”

The former President and Jackie’s children John and Caroline were too young to be involved at the time of the incident, McKeon explained in the book. The Secret Service asigned to the family were tasked to remove the plants.

Of course no one ever told and no one was ever officially “discovered” to have committed the dastardly deed of planting the devils weed. McKeon had a reasonable idea of who was responsible, but nothing ever came of the incident. It is likely the public will never know. The actions, and reaction, are what we would have expected from the glamorous, image concerned former first lady.

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