National Cannabis Industry Association’s Seed To Sale Show Is A Must-Attend


The cannabis industry is being flooded with entrepreneurs and investors and has been for a couple of years now. It’s easy to understand why. The cannabis industry is increasing in size at an exponential rate and the opportunities that the rapid growth creates is virtually limitless. We are still on the ground floor of the cannabis boom, and while 9 states have passed legalization measures (and Washington D.C.), 41 states have not.

Of the states that have passed legalization measures, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine do not currently have an adult-use cannabis industry. Washington D.C. also does not have a regulated adult-use industry yet. However, despite only 6 states allowing adult-use sales, the industry is already massive. In June 2017 it was estimated that there were as many as 230,000 jobs in the cannabis industry, and Colorado alone sold well over a billion dollars worth of cannabis in 2017. California has started sales and will soon more than double the size of the adult-use cannabis industry in the United States.

Projections for how large the industry will become are astronomical, with the cannabis industry likely to surpass other well-established industry in size in just a couple of years. Many industries have already been surpassed. No one knows for sure how large the industry will become because almost every projection to date has proven to be too conservative when the dust settles. One thing is for sure, the cannabis industry is here to stay, and its future is very, very bright.

What will that future look like? What are game-changing ideas that are coming out that can give entrepreneurs the edge that they need to stand out in the increasingly crowded cannabis space? How can people network with other individuals and companies that are on the cutting edge of the cannabis world in order to stay one step ahead of the competition? One of the best ways to get answers to those questions is by attending the National Cannabis Industry Association‘s Seed to Sale Show in Denver February 7-8.

The NCIA Seed to Sale Show gives people a glimpse into the future of the cannabis space. Ideas that are introduced and on display at the Seed to Sale Show in February are going to become the disruptive ideas that shape the cannabis industry in the future. 3,000 industry leaders are expected to attend the event, and the Seed to Sale Show features 3 educational tracks that attendees can choose from. Event-goers can choose between a cultivation track, an infused products and extraction track, or a business strategies and innovations track. Each track involves world-class experts who will be presenting on current topics that are vital to cannabis entrepreneurs of all types and backgrounds.

One component of the event that is especially awesome is the NCIA Industry Awards which will recognize companies and individuals that are leading the way in the cannabis space. The networking opportunities at this event are going to be unreal, so if you are serious about succeeding in the cannabis industry and you want to learn from the people that are making moves in the most exciting industry on the planet, make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible before they are sold out.

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