National Cannabis Industry Association February 2017 Video Newsletter


The marijuana industry has to be one of the most constantly/rapidly evolving industry of all time. I have been blogging about marijuana since January 2010, and whereas back then it seemed like big industry changes only occurred a handful of times a year, now it seems like it’s happening almost daily, if not daily. The most pressing thing facing the industry today is the change in power at the federal level. If Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General doesn’t scare you, you really should check your pulse.

Donald Trump’s administration has not offered any solid reassurances that the emerging marijuana industry, and the state laws in which those marijuana companies operate, will be respected. There has been some informal banter about ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’ the feds will stay out of state marijuana matters, but there has also been calls to step up the War on Drugs, and expressed admiration by Donald Trump for the President of the Philippines, which is disturbing on many levels.

That a big reason why lobbying efforts at the federal level are so vital right now. Everyone should be contacting their federal Representatives and Senators as often as possible, letting them know how important of an issue marijuana reform is. The National Cannabis industry Association (NCIA) is currently organizing their 7th annual Cannabis Industry Lobby Days, which is taking place on May 16 and 17. Last year over 150 members of the industry attended and it was a huge success. Seeing even one industry member face to face and getting educated is a big deal for federal politicians, but seeing a small army of them is even more significant. It’s my hope that this year there are more people lobbying than all other years combined.

The recent creation of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus has created a tremendous opportunity for reform efforts. The more federal politicians that the cannabis community can get on board the better. If you are in the cannabis industry, which it seems like so many people are these days, join NCIA, register for Lobby Days, start educating your federal Representatives and Senators, and let them know that you will be there with your smiling face and solid talking points on May 16 and 17. Below is more about NCIA’s efforts, including info about the Lobby Days event, from NCIA Deputy Director Taylor West via NCIA’s February video newsletter:

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