Michigan: First Amendment To MMFLA Is Signed By Governor


It took just 16 days for Sen. Jones to usher his bill through both houses of the Michigan legislature and receive passage. It was signed by the Governor less than a month later and is now law, requiring additional screening and criminality monitoring for all applicants and associates.

This is the letter sent from LARA on July 18, 2017:

Senate Bill 433, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, amends the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act to meet federal background check requirements. The bill requires fingerprints be submitted to the Michigan State Police and FBI for background checks and outlines the process for taking the fingerprints and the reimbursement of costs. It is now Public Act 105 of 2017.

Additional information on the marihuana facility licensing program may be found at www.michigan.gov/medicalmarihuana.

It would seem that the aggressive timeline was not limited to the Senate chambers. Unusually, the bill was placed in the House Law and Justice committee instead of the Judiciary. Five days after it appeared before the House Committee it was passed by the full House of Representatives.

Governor Snyder signed the law on July 13. It was given immediate effect.

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