Marijuana Leftovers


Dr. Dre’s The Chronic came out in 1992, the year I graduated High School. I was already a pothead; now I just had a soundtrack Marijuana is the gift that keeps on giving, any broke stoner with a clogged pipe or devotion to saving gunk at the bottom of a bong or rig can tell you this.

When I used to sell weed and use the profit for my consumption, I would chew on stems. I didn’t know the science, but I knew it wasn’t bad.I mean, how can it be bad that I would smoke this plant but not consume the stalk. A friend asked me why and I never had an answer until now because my body likes it like vitamin C but instead Vitamin THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and THC-A. Chewing the stalk has the same effect as soaking and crushing the stem to extract juice. The same goes for smoking it.

When we smoke marijuana/ cannabis (never Hemp, that’s like comparing black people and white people, both have noses, ears, mouths, brains, pretty much look alike except for hues of skin, facial and body structure.) the plant breaks down into more potent compounds also known concentrates.

Concentrates are the taking shots version to alcohol; it’s as the name implies, concentrated product whatever cannabinoid. Concentrates come in different forms wax, butter, shatter, oil, kief, hash, and such, these are the kind intentionally made but there’s another gift cannabis gives you after you use her for so long and that’s resin and reclaim. One’s isn’t better than the other, but there is much debate to that. You mention resin and thoughts of a wire hanger or other pointed objects pop into your head but the idea of reclaim is something icky and gross, but when you’re on a budget, it’s the right thing to do.

I have never known someone who has admitted to scavenging from a bong, but I’m sure it has been done, I do know people though who clean they’re rigs and smoke the gooey death left behind, and this is ok.

One of the nice things to vaping is that once I fill the tube with fresh store material, those first few hits are going to be a relatively equal amount of cannabinoids at once, after that it turns into something magical, it becomes decarboxylated. A fancy word for baked or cured, material taken to its peak.

Marijuana offers so much more than just a high; it’s a form of medicine and ritual. A thing to help us understand our bodies, a thing that keeps changing after the first hit.

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