Marijuana And Cryptocurrency, Next Level Drug Deals


I just saw a mainstream media news story about Dennis Rodman going to North Korea, whether he has anything to do with freeing that prisoner or not I do not know but what I would like to talk about is that t-shirt. To me, this wasn’t a goodwill mission but a most awesome marketing campaign by a company that wants to take over the marijuana cryptocurrency market. I have mad respect for PotCoin for this marketing campaign as Dennis Rodman and his companion stroll through the airport wearing PotCoin schwag. It just goes to show that a marijuana-based company can get its message out there without a pot leaf just like when I wrote about VeedVerks and NASCAR.


I’m not going to lie to you, cryptocurrency is some scary shit but so is investing in anything (there are no guarantees of a return) but like I wrote before, there is real money behind this digital stuff. If you look up cryptocurrency there are multiple explanations that I honestly don’t understand, the best way for me to describe it is;  its an algorithm agreed upon by a bunch of super nerds that you wouldn’t want to fuck with. I find it beautiful because there is complex math behind and yes if I took the time could perhaps understand it empirically but I like to eat and have shit to do.

Two things I’ve understood about making money is trading hours for dollars and to make money one needs to invest money. 90 percent of the people that join the military do it for money, not for the country, it’s during your time that you truly become a patriot by appreciating the rights and luxuries you have by just being born in a place. It’s in the Navy I learned the value of investing.  Investing comes in many forms; education, materials for a project, or the one that is like gambling because you can win, lose, or break even is stocks and commodities.

When Google first became public I bought 1 share and wish I held on to it but as an E3 in the military 139 dollars went a long way for a family, where my investing has been focused. That original investment would have definitely brought me a more secure future but that is why I’m writing this now, for you and me.

I was always weary of Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining and how to dispose of it but it turns out if I bought a thousand dollars worth of computer product for mining and got lucky with one hit this article would have been written from a boat off an island with wifi, cocktails, and weed. Even as recently as 5 years ago if I invested a couple thousand in BitCoin I would at least be able to have a fleet of Jeeps but since I’ve done none of this I write this article taking a dab getting ready for the day job that pays for the internet porn.

As BitCoin reaches a pinnacle of haves and haves not, there are other types of cryptocurrency are on the rise, PotCoin apparently being one of them. Since I’m not sure how it works I’m not going to suggest investing in this one product but am here to tell you to take a look at the cryptocurrency for your investment needs. I’m going with an app called CoinBase for my cryptoexchange needs, here there are there options to buy and sell BitCoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin; these are the Cryptocurrency big dogs. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time that PotCoin becomes a player with marketing strategies like this, that and because if marijuana is behind it, it has a commodity which gives it more leverage in the real world.

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