Make America Great Again, End The Drug War


A marijuana activist is someone who only wants to bring common decency and justice to their country, their community, our world. We’re just trying to bring sanity and faith to America, the ability to believe in the American dream, in America. The slogan that won the Presidency of the United States shouldn’t have been “Make America Great Again,” it should be “Make it better than it was before, make it the great it has yet to achieve, make it what we were all taught through the television and in schools, one nation. A land of freedom and opportunity.” But we’re not so free as long as there is a drug war, where your personal choice for medicine or recreation use can be use against you, I’m thinking about these things while reflecting on the Lance Gloor trial that I witnessed first-hand last year.

Social justice is a topical issue, but whenever I see people crying how things aren’t fair, I rarely hear the drug war addressed as the main culprit. It’s as if it’s taboo to talk about on mainstream media when it should be one of the first things addressed; as human beings, ever since the beginning of us, people like to become intoxicated and have a distorted reality, every New Years have proven this.

Personal Agendas Shouldn’t Put People In Jail

I know from personal experience what it’s like to be detained over marijuana, to be subjugated to someone else’s will, not because I did something wrong but because I was honest when they asked if that’s marijuana.

Social justice activists decry about prejudices, about how the system is corrupt, but part of the root of that has been the war on drugs, statements by Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman have proven this. The fact that people sit behind bars for a victimless crime adds to distrust to anything in a uniform or suit, something that shouldn’t be.

We’re Americans that want to believe in their America, but how can we when people sit behind bars, and the government creates it’s own propaganda i.e. the articles on the Lance Gloor trial found on both the DOJ Website and DEA website.

Guilty of Something Else or Lifestyle is not a crime

I was asked by an activist in Washington State not to support Lance, days before his trial. I was told there was more involved in his case, things like murder and harder drugs, things that if it popped up during the actual prosecution, I would have stood up and left because once you’re in trouble for more than pot I’m done, this was not the case, though. The only evidence produced throughout the whole trial were the same practices performed by a thousand other dispensaries operating legally and peacefully in Washington State.

Lance is guilty of being part of a series of raids by the Federal Government of dispensaries in medical states, from Washington to Montana during 2011, many lives were ruined or ended because of this, as in the case of Richard and Sherbear Flor.

Stand Up For A Plant Against The Government

You’ll face many obstacles when standing up for marijuana, during Lance’s trial I was challenged by an ex’s boyfriend about how he belonged in jail but the thing is I adamantly believe that no one belongs in prison for a plant. I never saw or heard of any other evidence but things marijuana business related during the trial, he was guilty of making a living off of marijuana from what the Federal Prosecutor presented.

I  don’t judge an individual’s success in the industry, so when people try to blemish a character for a Facebook post showing a stack of money, which was found not to be his picture, but a repost my point is someone’s success in marijuana is not a reason for guilt. Marijuana is the only industry where success can lead you to jail or unemployment; that is why we use pen names and code words, asking someone if they’re a cop just is not sufficient.

Selective Justice

Federal Prosecutor Vince Lombardi (Grandson of the namesake, but not so great) seemed to have found easy targets in the State of Washington but unfortunately for him I was in the audience to watch the slanted railroad of justice. Before the Lance Gloor trial, he prosecuted two other individuals for marijuana concentrate manufacturing, something that was common in the Washington State medical marijuana scene.

The points of the prosecution seemed slanted and jaded, with claims that he was some mafioso trafficking across states. “He ran multiple shops” which proves he wasn’t in it for the medicinal values of marijuana; here I cry bullshit on so many levels. Lance was not the only person in Washington State, hell in any medical state, people own multiple operations. Plus, it shouldn’t matter if the purpose of the store fronts were medical or recreational, presently in Washington “Have a Heart” has seven stores, and there are other owners with multiple stores; these shops are operating under the same conditions Lance Gloor was found guilty of. These multiple storefronts are what put him under the thumbprint of The Rico law, the patriot act law that has more harm than good as of recent.

A Divided Nation By a Divisive Law

Incidents of “justice” like this are what make me question and fear my government, knowing that someone has power over me only because they do not agree with my personal choice of recreation and medicine. We do not live in the United States but the Selective States, whether one consumes cannabis or not, cannabis use is a personal human right. In the Selective States of America, I fear my common man simply because he or she (black, white, and brown) might think it’s acceptable for me and others like me to be behind bars, to take a life without killing them.

America needs to get out of the business of people; people are now becoming more aware of how children are used for profit by individual judicial systems, the same can be said for industrial prison complex systems in our country. For decades now families have been broken up, taking away fathers; fathers like Lance Gloor, Craig Cesal, Richard Delisi, and Luke Scarmazzo, these are just a few. Men branded as gangsters, as threats to society but in a different time and place with the same product, they would just be businessmen.

Some people in the cannabis industry are having a panic attack over the new President and his nominees. I remind you that cannabis has been federally illegal this whole time; they are losing this war on drugs because the people of The United States of America are becoming more educated each day that marijuana is not the drug they are taught by the DEA, hence the government.

The fear factor feeling that many are coming to terms with is the feeling one should always have as long as marijuana is federally illegal. Not just people in the industry but the everyday citizen. We do not have rights as long as it’s easier to put people behind bars than out of them.

Marijuana is not a state issue as long as people sit in federal prison.

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