Los Angeles Issues Its First License To Sell Recreational Marijuana


California is the national leader when it comes to the marijuana industry. California may not have been the first state to legalize cannabis, but it is definitely the biggest state to do so thus far, and second place isn’t even close. Los Angeles is in many ways the cannabis capital of America, and arguably the world. But until recently Los Angeles had yet to issue a recreational cannabis sales business license.

A number of other cities in California have allowed adult-use marijuana sales since January 1st, but Los Angeles has not started adult-use sales yet. That will change soon, as late last week the City of Angels issued its first recreational marijuana sales license. Per L.A. Weekly:

The city of Los Angeles granted its first licenses for cannabis sale on Friday, Jan. 12, with Mother Nature’s Remedy Caregivers in Woodland Hills being the first recipient of a medicinal license. WHTC in Studio City was granted the first recreational license.

Jackie (who prefers not to reveal her full name) is the manager of WHTC, and she confirms that her store is the first to get a recreational license in L.A., besides West Hollywood, which is its own municipality.

When I first started blogging about cannabis in January 2010, Los Angeles was home to thousands of cannabis dispensaries. It was the first time I had ever heard the comparison about a city having more dispensaries than Starbucks. It has been a battle in Los Angeles ever since that time, with a lot of those dispensaries being shut down.

The dispensaries in Los Angeles that receive local licenses, including the first one (WHTC), will have to wait until they get state approval before starting sales. Hopefully, that shouldn’t take too long at the rate the state of California is pumping them out now. Kudos to WHTC and all others that will end up receiving licenses in the near future, I can’t wait to come in and make a purchase when I am down there visiting family!

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